World Cup 2018

WE unites 1990 and 2018 football generations together in one Ad

Successful people know the true value of listening to experienced peers, especially those with deeper knowledge. The true value of learning and growing along the way to success and achievement.

Luckily for this year’s national team, they were left in good hands by Telecom Egypt’s WE for a good old learning session manifested in one advert.

WE jumps in with what looks to be the last word (or shall we say ad?) in the pre-world cup marketing arena ahead of tomorrow’s match against Uruguay.

The telecommunications service provider invited players from the national team of the 90’s, who were the last team to qualify before the start of the 28-year absence, to give 2018’s players a pep talk and a bit of advice.

WE Egyptian National Team Campaign 2018 – منتخب ورا المنتخب

وي جمعت منتخب 90 لأن عمرهم ما شجعوا مصر في كأس العالم عشان لما كلنا نشجع يبقي مصر والمنتخب ورا المنتخب#منتخب_ورا_المنتخب#WE#الراعي_المصري_للمنتخب_المصري

Posted by Telecom Egypt on Thursday, June 14, 2018


In WE’s latest ad, we get to hear a bit more about what the former national team was able to learn during their time in Italy at the 1990 FIFA World Cup.

Most of the 90s team was able to make it to the learning session.

With players Hany Ramzy, Ashraf Kassem, Taher Abu Zaid, Gamal Abdelhamid, Hesham Yakan, Ahmed Shobier, Rabie Yassin and famous football twins Hossam and Ibrahim Hassan in attendance, there was a lot to learn.

It’s amusing to watch and listen to the usually unspoken rules of the game repeated in a cheerful tune by the classic team, and it’s nice to see old faces as we move forward into beating the 28-year rut that started after them.

Mahmoud Trezeguet, Mohamed El-Neny and Ramadan Sobhy got to enjoy some quality time with the older generation as they we told some of the popular tricks of the trade.

Team coach Héctor Cúper also had a few moments of “revelation” during the team’s visit.

Together we are stronger

WE’s advert focuses on unity.

Unity of past experiences and new launches, and the unity of an entire country. This is best summed up by what the lyrics have to say, saying it doesn’t matter who we play against because they’re a team of 11, we are a team of millions.

As the world cup begins today, and our first match tomorrow, it is the best time to gather closer and cheer the team on.


Don’t forget to cheer the national team alongside your countrymen this weekend. Will you be watching the matches? Let us know in the comments, because of course you will!

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