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WE for Al Ahly: Telecom Egypt Strikes Sponsorship Deal with the Biggest African Club

It’s only the beginning of the year but the news is full of Football. Earlier this month, Egypt won the final vote to host this year’s African Cup of Nations, and now we get another sudden change within the football industry.

Yesterday afternoon, Telecom Egypt’s WE released a brand-new video to announce that they were the new main shirt sponsors of Egypt’s biggest local team, Al Ahly.

WE’s sudden announcement comes at the heels of us winning the CAF African Cup of Nations (CAN), but also brings up an important note in their advancing monopoly on the local football game.

Telecom Egypt’s WE is now not only the main sponsor of one of the biggest and most favored teams in the country, but is also the main sponsor for the national team, and we saw no shortage of the brand showing it off during last year’s FIFA World Cup.

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Vodafone, who holds the longest record of being the main sponsor for the team (2001-2011, 2015-2018), had just finished their contract with the team before WE swooped in for the kill, making the new brand the biggest local football sponsor today.

Last year, the local telecom provider also brought several players of the previous national team to provide advice for the team as Egypt stepped back onto the world stage after a 28-year absence.

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According to fan website, El-Ahly, Al Ahly’s main condition to approving the deal was for WE to change their logo’s purple/violent color to something more suitable for the team’s famous red jersey color.

Al Ahly’s official social pages have not yet announced nor released anything that indicates the change.

It also comes right after Egypt’s favorite player, Mohamed Salah, just released a cryptic announcement on his Twitter before mysteriously deleting/clearing all of his social accounts.

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