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WE add more episodic trailers for the merged Ramadan and World Cup campaign

WE’s campaign for Ramadan 2018 and the World Cup took a cinematic approach from day one. The national sponsor for the national football team released a new tactical episodic trailer to assign new mission for Karim Abdel Aziz and Ahmed Ezz.

The 100 Million Egyptian Voices campaign phase II is here adding more suspense to make our expectations for the final reveal goes even higher.

Last week WE released their first real teaser for their upcoming Ramadan and World Cup campaign, starring Karim Abdel Aziz, Ahmed Ezz and Ahmed Abdel Aziz as the star trio.

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The national telecom operator deviates from the repeated celebrity-filled ramadanish songs and decided to create its won unique approach.

As WE continues to tease in style, with another cinematic trailer for the quickly approaching World Cup. The trio is back at it again, teaming up for the newest teaser.

Ahmed Abdel Aziz sends the two on a wild goose chase, aiming for the discovery and capture of an important voice for the World Cup, ending with the expansion of the trio into a quartet with a new mysterious figure!

The Art Of The Tease

WE keep adding new challenges to Karim Abdel Aziz and Ahmed Ezz mission to gather 100 Million Egyptian voices. It’s a pleasing mix of suspense, fun, action and excitement.

The brand’s teaser strategy continues to engage with viewers across the country, bringing new heights for the brand’s engagement rates leaving us wondering about the next move?

All that is left for the campaign and WE to do is to create a quiz or poll to further engage audiences and intensify the curiosity behind the new face for the purple quartet.

As one of the main sponsors of the National Team, WE has a lot of pressure on its shoulders to interact with its users and viewers to promote positivity and cheer for the team.

Waiting For The Mega Campaign Reveal

Teaser campaigns, when done right, can bring a tremendous boost to awareness and engagement with fans, and WE is doing it right. With only two weeks left before the World Cup begins, how long will WE keep us waiting for the big full reveal?

And the most powerful question of all, will it be able to hype us up even harder than we already are about Egypt’s return to the biggest international football competition?

WE is certainly pulling out all the stops for this campaign, and in almost all of their campaigns since the start of the year when they introduced a super influential ad early in the year. The telecommunications brand is really bringing in the heat during its first year in business.

It seems that with every teaser, we are treated to a new celebrity reveal. Will there be another one? Who is the newest addition to the WE WC 100 million voices campaign? Throw us your best guess in the comments.


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