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Water for Life: Innovative “Click Funding” for the first time by UNICEF Egypt

In Egypt, around 7 million people do not have access to water. We can change this, now! If we get 1.5 million points for this campaign, we will connect 1,000 families to clean water resources.

With Clickfunding, You are one click away from raising enough money to connect 1,000 families to safe water. Introducing the Clickfunding model that will change the way you click forever. Today, by liking, sharing, tweeting or leaving a comment we contribute to provide water to 1,000 families.

The Clickfunding game aim to introduce win-win situation with a simple touch of the users’ fingertips. Clickfunding is one of the fastest and easiest method to fundraise – through a single click! It offers web users the chance to contribute in social, environmental, or cultural causes, by watching and interacting on short videos or posts supporting these causes.

UNICEF Egypt campaign Target: 1.5 million points Impact: 1,000 water connections in Upper Egypt. By transforming your clicks into real money. The sponsor pays for a positive impact, Instead of paying for a regular ad, and we do the promotion he needs!

With just 1.5 million points, web users can provide 1,000 water connections to households in Upper Egypt. Sponsors have dedicated  financial assistance to “Water for life,” in exchange to web visibility. So web users become the real changemakers!

Today, by liking, sharing, tweeting or leaving a comment, you will contribute to provide water to 1,000 families.

Water for Life campaign target is 1.5 million points to provide water access to 1,000 families. And here is how:

  • 1 view gives 1 point
  • 1 like or favorite gives 2 points
  • 1 share/retweet gives 3 points
  • 1 comment gives 5 points

More about Water For Life:

“Water For Life,” is an initiative sponsored by Rotary Egypt with UNICEF and the Egyptian Holding Company for Water and Wastewater’s involvement. The goal is to bring clean, affordable and sustainable water to hundreds of households around Egypt.

More about Clickfunding:

Clickfunding is mixing digital marketing innovation and adverting that allows web users to contribute into projects with their web and social media engagement. It does not get any simpler than this; just by clicking, watching, and interacting on videos we produce to promote for projects or causes, web users can create concrete impact.
It is game of matching projects and causes to sponsors, whom are willing to provide monetary assistance, in exchange to web visibility and then connecting the cause with social media enthusiasts.

Basically, it is your daily web routine, with a twist. Clickfunding allows web users and sponsors join forces to satisfy community needs and improve social solidarity.

Campaign contributors:

The  campaign’s video staring prominent actor Maged el-Kedwany and directed by multi-awarded filmmaker Amr Salama feature a harsh reality in the most noble way. The story of children who are unable to believe in magic until it can bring them clean water.

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