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Watch: Metro Market Use "Helwa Ya Baladi" for Flash Mob

Its always beautiful to see group of people appear suddenly to play music in a public place, Its more beautiful if you know the song and it become genius when they sing for Egypt.

We don’t think any Egyptian would fail to memorize the iconic song [Helwa Ya Baladi] or, [My Country is Beautiful] by Yolanda Cristina Gigliotti or, as the Egyptians love to call her [Dalida].

Dalida ranks among the six most popular singers in the world. Her sales figures today would amount to more than 170 million albums worldwide. Twice honored with “The World Oscar of success of the disc”, she is the only European singer to have won this Oscar at least once.

The Italian-Egyptian singer and actress performed and recorded in more than 10 languages, including Arabic (Egyptian and Lebanese dialects), Italian, Greek, German, French, English, Japanese, Hebrew, Dutch and Spanish.

The song is a smart choice by Metro supermarkets which stand out as one of Egypt’s largest supermarket chain with 48 branches in 10 governorates providing its customers with the highest standards of quality regarding its products and services.

After you watch Metro Market Flash Mob, You better rehearse the song well if you plan to visit Metro Market soon.

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