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Vodafone IN supports Victoria College students’ creativity with Social Media challenge

Because it’s never the same without your friends, back in 2015 Vodafone Egypt launched a network “Vodafone IN” to keep youth in touch with your group. The launch campaign key message was set to be “It won’t work without you”

The network was created for the youths of today and their love for being online all the time. IN by Vodafone includes unlimited internet access to social media and music apps such as Nile FM.

The original campaign video included Egyptian artists such as Cairokee led by Amir Eid, Youssra El Hawary, Elmadfagya and Sharmoofers band​.

Social Media Engagement = Campaign Reborn:

After two years, Victoria College Alexandria students have spontaneously decided to use Vodafone IN song as the main theme for their graduation video.

One of the students, Marwan Tarek, seems to be behind the direction of the video. Perhaps this means he may have a bright future ahead, especially with the publicity the video is now receiving.

Mawaran Tarek post to IN by Vodafone

Victoria Collage Students reproduced IN Vodafone’s hit song “منغيرك مش هتكمل” and requested their very own Cairokee concert. So IN decided to challenge them for 100K shares on their video. And they accepted the challenge!

Victoria College students in Alexandria must be stunned as the telecommunications giant has shared their graduation video, and has encouraged fans of their page to share the video.

Currently, the video on the Facebook page has gained over 910K views and over 20k comments. The reactions so far have been supportive and positive, many are supporting Vodafone’s decision to show the country the students’ creativity. Although inspired by the original video, the students have created a video that speaks about them and displays their sense of imagination and inventiveness.

Cairokee, who was involved in the original video produced by Vodafone, has shared the video and seems to also be committed to performing for the college if the challenge is met. Now you can see how people engaging with ‪#‎cairokeeINvictoria‬ hashtag.

While Vodafone provides the class of 2016 with the possibility of a lifetime, and the chance to become viral celebrities, Vodafone is securing a large new audience. The page has received a large amount of new page likes since the post on Saturday, and may continue to do so while the challenge and video remain popular.

Will Victoria College receive Vodafone’s surprise and have a graduation they will not forget? Keep in touch and share the post to see.

Victoria College Graduation Video (من غيرك مش هتكمل) Credits:

Class 2016
Produced by OFilms
Storyboard/Directed by Marwan Tarek
Video editing and VFX by Mahmoud Sabry
D.O.P by Mahmoud A. Othman

Story Update:

On May 9th, Victoria college students were ecstatic about finally reaching 100K likes, and so are all the sharers of the post. In order to help the students, IN by Vodafone has been sponsoring the post to encourage more fans to share and like the youthful creativity of Egyptian students. The post finally reached 100k shares as well on May 11th.

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