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Vodafone Summon The Red Genie Again!

The Arabic myth states that a Genie imprisoned within a bottle or oil lamp is capable of granting wishes when summoned. The traditional story explaining some natural or social phenomenon, and typically involving supernatural beings or events.

Throwback: One Tiny Mistake…One Red Giant Comeback

Vodafone summon the Genie again to introduce the new 3 new Genies to bring more benefits to Vodafone customers; The extra minutes Genie, The Internet Genie and The Network Genie.

Watch Vodafone new Genies:


Director: Tamer Mahdy
Agency: JWT
DOP: Matej Kriznik
Art Director: Hisham Mahdy
Stylist: Dina Nadeem
Editor: Ahmed Hafez
Sfx make-up: Iñaki maestre
Creative: Tifa
Executive Producer: Fadi Fahim
Production Team: Mohammad Farouk Rasta, Alaa Tarek El Dafrawy, Yousra Shalaby, Ihab Samir, Nancy Hammad, Seif Wigdan Fadel

Production House: LIGHT HOUSE
Post House: AROMA
Vfx Supervisor: Tamer Mortada
1st Assistant Director: Mohab Alaa
Music composer: Sary Hany
Sound Design: Hosny Ali
Colorist: Charbel Mouawad
Casting: Challenge Casting (Ahmed Mohey)

Vodafone Marketing Strategy Unshaken//

The Advertising Competition between mobile operators in Egypt is not a secret. In addition to introducing the new offers for Vodafone Egypt customers, The advert hold subliminal message to be send to the classic competitor Etisalat Misr.

The advert show Vodafone persistence to complete the Genie Ads set and neutralize the effect of previously released campaign by Etisalat Ramadan 2015 campaign that meant to high-jack the Genie concept from Vodafone.

Ironically, The Genie idea originally created by Mobinil but it totally went out of control!

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