Vodafone help Sherine complete her song without buffering

Facebook videos keep buffering while watching a video or listening to a song just like YouTube, Vimeo, and other video streaming sites. We all know who annoying it feels when a song keep stopping because it seems like it’s buffering. Simply, it crack up your mood!

To promote free Facebook packages newly introduced by Vodafone Egypt, a new advert staring former The Voice judge, Sherine Abdel Wahab show-case how Vodafone can help you enjoy a non-stop video streaming on Facebook without suffering from slow video buffering.

Sherine appear performing a song includes oriental musical styles. Sherine’s shot is taken exactly from My Way series [مسلسل طريقي]. Same location from the series broadcast-ed last Ramadan while she keep lagging due to poor internet connection. Vodafone voice offer apologize for Sherine as she complain the internet connection and offer a free streaming for Facebook exclusive to Vodafone customers.

Sherine advert released in parallel with Ahmed El Sakka’s advert to promote Vodafone offers for YouTube video streaming.

If you are reading this article from your mobile and Vodafone is your operator, take a moment and click on play button on the video below to watch the new advert and let us know if the video will complete loading without buffering.


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