Vodafone Red X Asser Yassin = Massive Success

Celebrities have this so-called [Star Power] that grants them the ability to influence the masses in any way possible. Vodafone RED and Asser Yassin latest campaign “You Are No.1” has resulted to some of the best marketing collaborations of 2020.

You see, celebrity marketing isn’t a fresh concept in the advertising field. But Vodafone RED and Asser Yassin campaign was a game changer as it mixed the power of RED Experience and Asser Yassin effect.

Asser Yassin continue to empress us with his outstanding performance while Vodafone RED keeps the elite mood of black & white mood to build up on what Hazzem Emam perviously did when he decided to go red back in 2017.

The results are rewarding. After all, behind every great work is a great idea. This case study proves that content is not the king, IDEA IS KING.

Targeting The Right Consumers:

After the segmentation, Vodafone has selected the target customers which it is focusing on to sell its Vodafone RED packages.

Vodafone’s is targeting its marketing strategy for Vodafone RED to the digital customers. The elite group of population and business peoples.

Vodafone sleeted the right celebrity through which it can reach the target audience and engage them efficiently.

Brand Key Messages:

  • Empower RED customers throughout the day.
  • Create a worry-free experience.
  • Grant customers a handful of premium offers.
  • Enjoy easy, accessible, and entertaining service.
  • Staying connected wherever you are.
  • Give customers opportunities for quality time at home and beyond.
  • Support your fast paced lifestyle.


The RED Experience

The new Vodafone advert was released under the theme of “You Are Number One” announcing the new add-on packages and offers for Vodafone Red members.

This time the brand collaborated with one of the most loved actor Asser Yassin and produced a very creative yet very artistic and cinematic mood.

Whats New?

The new revamped RED is developed to bring you the latest Entertainment Apps in the market that fit your needs when it comes to VOD, Music & Sports. Immerse yourself in all the content that is brought to you by Anghami Plus, Shahid VIP, OSN Streaming, beIN Connect and WATCHiT!

For The First Time in Egypt

Now for the first time in Egypt, RED allows you to TAKE YOUR BUNDLE ABROAD! You will be able to enjoy your local megabytes while roaming for a number of weeks per year.

Also, you’ll also have the option to redeem your points at any Vodafone and Vodafone partners’ stores anytime you like and without any limits whatsoever.


Campaign Engagement

We’re in a situation that’s unlike anything we’ve faced before. Coronavirus has changed just about everything, but you still need to connect to your customers, prospects, partners, and team members. And now more than ever, social media may be the best way to do so.

The Results On Social Media

Campaign Views on Facebook
Campaign Views on YouTube
Total Engagement on Facebook
Likes Ration on YouTube

*Last update on 3:00 PM CLT- 22 Sept. 2020.


Celebrities Marketing

Done Right

Strategized campaign by Vodafone Egypt Egypt successfully generated meaningful and genuine message.

It’s not easy to come up with a successful campaign when your number one goal is to make sure that everyone likes your brand without sacrificing your uniqueness. The key to a successful celebrity marketing campaign is to match the right celebrity with the right product and place them both in the right ad campaign.

While most of celebrity marketing campaigns try to suggest that the star uses the product, Vodafone collaboration with Asser Yassin successfully delivered a mood which reflects a successful mindset lifestyle to spread the brand promise.

Creating a timeless mark to entices consumers to engage with your business requires allot of work to make sure your ads are “on strategy” with your business positioning.

Vodafone also managed to create mini-bites as Asser’s wife and kids joins the party to create more waves for the campaign to show-case The RED experience in action.

So far, two versions published dedicated to OSN and beIN sports.


Key Lessons Learned

Here is the top takeways to learn from Vodafone RED successful campaign starring Asser Yassin.

Know Your Customers

Recently, it was very obvious that people were heading towards the digital world, most people tended to like doing everything virtually. The recent circumstances had almost everyone to resort to anything digital that could be a helping hand.

Select Your Ambassador

Most brands decided to bring many celebrities in one advert. Brands should focus on long-term communication when hiring a brand ambassadors by selecting those who perform exceptionally.

Bring Your Partners

Vodafone always seeks for the best brands to partner with. These partners can help Vodafone provide its users with the best experience and content with real effect on customer’s life by creating impactful solutions.

Stick In Your Customer’s Memory

Harmonize your advertising tactics to make sure your audience will feel the brand essence. Create your unique music, visuals and advert mood to make sure you stand out and trigger emotional appeal.

Lead With Excellence

When you promise your consumers to be number one, make sure you select number one in every element of your marketing campaign.

Create a unique idea and bring the best to implement it.

Stay Ahead Of The Game

Knowing your customer’s motivation helps you to create winning campaigns.

Never sacrifice your uniqueness and always remember that it’s not easy to to stand out, rather than to just fit in.

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