Vodafone Ramadan Advert Make It To The World’s Most Shared Ads Of 2016

Egypt‘s telecom annual Ramadan campiagns is always a big deal for marketing community across MENA region. Each year the highly anticipated star-studded production receives millions of views and eventually it become Ramadan favorite discussion for the pubic and experts.

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But this year, one particular starlet stole the show in Vodafone’s successful 2016 Ramadan commercial, titled “The Big Family.” Although the commercial features stars like Egyptian actress Menna Shalaby, Egyptian singer and actress Sherine Abdel Wahab and Egyptian actors Ahmed El-Sakka and Sherif Mounir, it was Egyptian actress Laila Eloui‘s appearance in the advert production that was all the digital community could talk about.

In a previous article, Think Marketing highlighted that: Vodafone Egypt made a remarkable big hit this Ramadan when it’s mass production commercial reached more than 1M views on Facebook video in just 5 hrs and viewership numbers still increasing to reach 16M Views on Facebook, dated 15th of Ramadan.

Unruly ranks the 2016 most shared Ads

Data was collected from January 1, 2016 to November 29, 2016. Unruly’s annual Top 20 Global Video Ads Chart only includes official ads that were launched in 2016 and does not include trailers for movies or TV shows.

Ads from 10 different countries appearing on this list, Unruly says—the U.K., U.S., Denmark, Egypt, Thailand, Bangladesh, India, Norway, the Philippines and Indonesia. The average runtime for the top 20 videos is 2:49.

“Video advertising has once again reflected the wants and needs of society and offered a powerful route to escapism for consumers,” said Ian Forrester, global vp of insight at Unruly. “From celebrating the extraordinary in Channel 4’s ‘Superhumans,’ offering escapism in Nike’s ‘The Switch,’ exemplifying the best of humanity in videos from 7-Eleven Thailand, Knorr, Facebook and Momondo, offering a ‘WTF’ moment with Cadbury’s ‘Aliens,’ and challenging traditional gender roles in Ariel’s ‘Share the Load,’ the world’s best creatives have drawn strength from uncertain times.”

Top 10 Most Shared Spots According to Unruly…

#10: 7-Eleven Thailand – Teachers

Shares: 792,328

#9: Cadbury’s Dairy Milk – Aliens

Shares: 852,895

#8: Ariel – #sharetheload

Shares: 877,558

#7:Doritos – Ultrasound

Shares: 893,465

#6: Nike – The Switch

Shares: 969,650

#5: OK Go & S7 Airlines – Upside Down and Inside Out

Shares: 1,240,842

#4: Vodafone – Ramadan 2016

Shares: 1,435,350

#3: Shell – Best Day Of My Life | #makethefuture

Shares: 1,683,072

#2: Channel 4 – We Are the Superhumans

Shares: 1,851,533

#1: John Lewis – #BusterTheBoxer

Shares: 1,949,387



Unruly’s rankings are based on the number of shares – as opposed to views – that ads on Facebook and YouTube attracted across Facebook and the blogosphere. As such, they are a measure of the ad’s online buzz or virality, ranking ads by the volume of active pass-on rather than the passive, paid metric of video viewership.

To help advertisers create an emotional connection with consumers, Unruly has developed Unruly EQ™ – an innovative new content testing tool that gives advertisers the data they need to maximise the emotional, social and business impact of their video content.

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