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Vodafone and Pepsi take us back to 2002 featuring Moustafa Amar

Establishing a strong relationship between Pepsi and Vodafone’s services is not a new move. Both brands have been cooperating for mutual benefits as well as, better customer’s offers since 2010.

PepsiCo has joined forces with Vodafone Egypt and Vodafone Qatar many times before in 2011, 2012 and 2014 to bring many attractive offer to Pepsi and Vodafone customers.

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In 2010 Pepsi partnered up with Vodafone in a sure-win consumer promotion – “Drink Pepsi & Talk Vodafone”. The promotion was a huge success in terms of breakthrough concept, novelty and results.

Drink Pepsi and Talk Vodafone : Starting 1st of April 2010 With “Drink & Talk” promo all Vodafone customers will enjoy 2 minutes or 6 minutes when drinking Pepsi.

The association between the leader in soft drinks market “Pepsi” and the leader in Telecoms “Vodafone” was the core of the promotion as the consumers won Vodafone minutes every time they drank Pepsi.

In 2010 the campaign was Egypt’s biggest ever promo and in 2011 the objective was to do a promotion even bigger than (Pepsi-Vodafone 2010).

Vodafone’s Red Genie cooperate with PepsiCo:

Vodafone’s iconic red Genie, the mystical, elusive Genie. He switched teams in 2015 and went red when he joined Vodafone squad after leading Mobinil (re-branded into Orange) advert.

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As a reply for Mobinil’s advert, Vodafone hired the little sized guy who played the Red Genie role in Mobinil’s advert and produced a very creative ad that shows the little sized guy a witty little genie who can’t be fooled or bulled.

In Ramadan 2015, Etisalat took a bold move teasing Vodafone red genie advert and countering its Genie campaign by re-producing the genie concept while mocking Vodafone’s campaign for Ramadan.

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The controversial genie is summoned again to appear on Pepsi’s can and pave the way to announce Pepsi and Vodafone cooperation in 2017.

Vodafone Egypt joins Pepsi for yet another year, providing both Vodafone and Pepsi’s customers half their money back whenever they purchase either of the products.

Pepsi Arabia posted on Wednesday 22nd, that it burrowed Vodafone’s red genie, when they found that Vodafone Egypt was wondering why the genie was on Pepsi’s can. With the rather unflattering genie’s history, the playful teaser between Pepsi and Vodafone is a breath of fresh air.

Pepsi and Vodafone’s blast from the past advert:

Pepsi and Vodafone created an advert featuring Moustafa Amar to promote the renewed alliance. The advert is a recreation of “Munaya” video clip by Moustafa Amar, it was released back in 2002.

At its time, the music video was sensational, due to the “new” technology used in it back then. Which is a smart move because relevant blast from the pasts are very effective. As well as, the message is showcased in the video style and the lyrics was adapted to match the promotion.

Is Moustafa Amar the best celebrity choice for the advert?

Choosing the right celebrity for the brand endorsement is critical, when brands choose the celebrity for its advertisement, they need to consider celebrity’s credibility and relevance to the brand, furthermore, his/her attractiveness in terms of; likability, familiarity and beauty.

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When consumers view a commercial and believe that the celebrity endorser and the brand “match up,” recall of the campaign and impact of the advertisement increase.

In this sense, if a celebrity endorser seems out of place in a campaign, the impact won’t be nearly as powerful or can even backfire.

So, is Moustafa Amar the right celebrity for Pepsi and Vodafone advert?

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