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Vodafone Egypt might be using Social Media heavily for Consumer Insights

A new advertisement by Vodafone Egypt titles [After 23 Years of Maghdy Abdel Ghany Goal] launched on 9th of October following the advertisement announcing the new prepaid plan “Kolo” using the famous internet character “Asa7by”.

Although the first advert was not that lucky to grab customers attention and even some feedback claimed its a brand suicide for Vodafone Egypt’s brand image, the new advert come as a fast response to erase the negative impression left by the motto used [A7abebty A Vodafone] with 1,824 unlike on Vodafone Egypt YouTube Channel.

We are sure you have watched this goal at least 100 times before —  Watch below:

Captain Magdy Story //

Back in the 14th FIFA World Cup in Italy, Captain Magdy Abdel El Ghany Scored the only goal of Egypt vs. Holland. Until then Egypt  did not qualify to FIFA World Cup even The Egyptian National Football Team have proven in many occasions its the best team to represent Africa by setting unbreakable African record winning Africa Cup of Nations 7 times in history, 4 of them after 1990. Egypt also ranked as top performer in Africa with 7 trophies (1957, 1959, 1986, 1998, 2006, 2008, 2010) but with only 1 goal in FIFA World Cup since 1990 scored by Captain Magdy.

Recently, while the Egyptian National Football Team is one step before qualifying World Cup 2014 in Brazil, The famous goal story is trending online by Egyptians felt cursed by this goal getting sick of Captain Magdy bragging over the last 23 years that he is the only player scored for Egypt in World Cup for the last 23 years.

How Egyptians mocking Magdy Abdel Ghany goal on Social Media
How Egyptians mocking Magdy Abdel Ghany goal on Social Media

It become boring hearing the same story over and over again for 23 years, a sarcastic video made by El Gomhoreya TV celebrating Captain Magdy’s goal birthday !

Social Media To Drive Superior Consumer Insight //

Vodafone Egypt leveraging the usage of Social Media from a communication channel to getting the most of data gathered from internet to  better understand how customers really think. However, understanding customers interest is the key for developing a successful approach for marketing communication.

The beauty of information gathered from Social Media is its always organic and the different platforms including Twitter, Facebook, etc., gives an open medium for customers to express their feelings and opinions about brands. The traditional Marketing Researches methodologies that use questionnaire and/or, survey become less significant while you can listen to the customer opinions not just for complains but also for analyzing how customers feel about a new product launch, ranking of customer service issues, measuring likes/dislikes of a current product, and their reaction to a new marketing campaign.

While most of marketers think Social media can provide insight on past experiences, but it cannot formulate a future concept testing product, proven wrong as analyzing customers feedback and using it as guidance for market demand would beat any information you can get from your marketing research company.


Vodafone Egypt is already managing the biggest brand page on Facebook in Egypt by Number of local fans [3,964,922 Egyptian fans out of 4,233,484 total fans in September 2013] and ranked no. 9 in the Top 10 Facebook Telco Brands by number of fans world wide.

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It become obvious that the recent two characters for Vodafone Egypt advertisements is not selected randomly and I believe Vodafone Egypt currently using Social Media not just for customers service but also to hunt they key interests of Egyptians to be the core for marketing communication.


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