Vodafone Foundation features Egyptian heroes at Rio Paralympics in Amazing Commercial

Vodafone Egypt Foundation has been committed to empower Egyptians with disabilities for more than 13 years. As the foundation decided to be the official Proud Partner of the Egyptian Paralympics Committee for two years in a row.

TMI Stories (themediainnovators) managed to work with Vodafone Egypt Foundation on a story that give our champions the proper recognition and to inspire the whole nation with the power of will to achieve national and personal goals.

Its General Secretary told TMI Stories (themediainnovators) in first briefing session frankly: “These people should be the true source of inspiration for all Egyptians, we know our people are suffering from low spirits and we wanted to give them a spark. We see it the time to give these people the proper recognition they deserve, to tell the world about their life stories, about how we care about them and how we are genuinely proud of them, and finally to let the people learn that only the power of will is what will drive them to gold”.

The result is one of these ads that changes the way some people looked at the world. The video tell a story about a kid who put an objective to be an Olympic Champion in 4 years plan.

Vodafone Egypt Foundation published such an amazing inspirational video that will truly inspire you for doing more, achieving more and respect the Egyptian heroes at Rio Paralympics:

Alongside Paralympics history, Egypt has claimed 165 medals at the Paralympic Summer Games. Rio Paralympics 2016 opening ceremony gets the biggest Paralympics yet in terms of athletes participating and the greatest performances.

Vodafone Egypt Foundation was established in 2003 as a non-profit foundation registered at the Ministry of Social Solidarity. Since its establishment, Vodafone Egypt foundation has entered into many successful partnerships with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in order to address a number of developmental challenges and promote positive change for various local communities.


Client: Vodafone Egypt Foundation
Agency: TMI Stories (themediainnovators)
Account Director: Abdelrahman Yassin
Creative Director: Hussein Moussa
Operations Director: Marwan El Hadidy
Senior Copywriter: Hussein Moussa
Executive Producer: Abdelrahman Yassin
Producer: Marwan El Hadidy

Production House: Mafahim Productions
Head of Production: Waly Gohar
Director: Hassan El Sayyad
DOP: Fawzi Darwish
Art Director: Maysoun Rabie
Focus Puller: Muhamad Emad
Gaffer: Mahmoud Easa
Grip: Zidan
Video Editor: Hassan El Sayyad
Coloring Studio: The Post Office
Senior Colorist: Ahmad Gamal
VFX: Yamen Zakaria

Music Production: Mustafa Negm Studios
Music Composer: Mustafa Negm
Vocals: Enjy Omar El Etribi – Zigzag
Producer: Abdelrahman El Garawany
Lyricist: Muhamad El Sayed
VO Artist: Muhamad Atta – Hesham El Shazly
Sound Designer: Muhamad Awad – Mustafa Negm
Audio Mastering Studio: SAGE AUDIO

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