Vodafone Egypt featuring VIS heroes in inspiring commercial

Proudly headquartered in Egypt, Vodafone International Services (VIS), was established in 2002 as part of the Vodafone Group. It is dedicated to delivering world class outsourcing & offshoring solutions, representing a multilingual workforce that caters to 11 international markets. As VIS decided to do a project that represents the identity of Vodafone; making it appealing to fresh graduates to apply and work for them, we have once again partnered with Vodafone by joining VIS’s marketing team on a story that touches very deeply the people who work in there.

The concept was simply to recognize them as super heroes; making them feel proud about their job, and how they serve their communities with pleasure. That in return, will encourage youth to apply for VIS, to earn international exposure and to be the new heroes whom are helping more people worldwide.

The secret behind our recipe of well crafted internally external concepts is that we enable and empower our partners from Corporate Communications departments to develop new personal branding strategies, which in this case the employees themselves — the real heroes — are the corporate’s personal brands whom are passionately expressing their admiration to their jobs and effectively reflecting the brand’s real values and what VIS truly stands for as professional brand ambassadors instead of “distrusted faceless corporations’ commercials”, as modern consumers would perceive them today. So, well done VIS heroes, truly, you inspired us all.

Campaign Credentials:

Client: Vodafone International Services
Agency: TMI Stories (themediainnovators)
Account Director: Abdelrahman Yassin
Creative Director: Hussein Moussa
Operations Director: Marwan El Hadidy
Senior Copywriter: Hussein Moussa
Executive Producer: Abdelrahman Yassin
Producer: Marwan El Hadidy

Production House: TMI Productions
Head of Production: Marwan El Hadidy
Director: Hassan El Sayyad
DOP: Basim Samir
Art Director: Muhamad Ezzat
Focus Puller: Mahmoud Abdel-Aal
Gaffer: Ibrahim
Sound Engineer: Islam Abdel-salam

Video Editor: Hassan El Sayyad
Coloring Studio: The Post Office
Senior Colorist: Ahmad Gamal
VFX: Hassan El Sayad
Music Composer: Mohab Ramadan
VO Artist: James MacPhee
Sound Designer: Mohab Ramadan

Abdelrahman Yassin

Chief Architect of ‘World Changing Work’ Platform; A unique approach to do communications that drive ‘real impact’ and influence ‘true action’ towards a better and more sustainable future for all; inspiring our people and building great brands!