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Vodafone Egypt 4G Campaign Giving Power To Next Generation Success

The dream starts with a belief and a role model, an idol. No one is wired to be mediocre, we all pursue higher dreams that makes a difference and leave a mark in this world. We all have that one person that we look up to. Following their careers, the milestones in their lives. Imitating and working towards this goal, of emulating them. Following on their footsteps.

Vodafone Egypt has shown us in their new 4G advert how the next generation will transcend by transferring the power from one generation to the other #جيل_بيكمل_جيل in an ultimate mix of an emotional journey and an alluring sceneries.

In less than 10 hours, the video acquired 29K likes and have been shared by 21K fans on Facebook.

Handing over the baton to success:

Vodafone Egypt is transcending us, and resonating how Egypt can rise again, by handing over the baton, the Power is in your hand.

The advert showcasing various professions that shows how Egypt is aspiring on many levels and delivering the message to diversity of audience.

Vodafone Egypt 4G Campaign Handing over the baton to success
Vodafone Egypt 4G Campaign: handing over the baton to success

Transferring the power from a great actor like Ahmed el Sakka to aspiring actor Asser Yassin, football player like Abou Tereka to football sensational Ramadan Sobhy, Squash Champion Amr Shabana to professional player Ramy Ashour and the amazingly talented actress and ballerina Nelly Karim to the aspiring Jamila Awad.

Vodafone Egypt 4G Campaign Aspiring Journey:

They took us on an inspiring journey of this mentorship. Starting from the hard work it takes to make your dream become a successful reality, to the rejections you face, testing your persistence and tenacity towards your dream.

Apparent in the night practice, rejection of Asser Yassin when he first started pursuing his dream, Ramy Ashour’s inspirational clippers in his locker and practicing in a warehouse and Jamila watching Nelly Karim act.

The crescendo of the music swipe us away to their exceptional success, their tipping point and the symbolical scene of Amr Shabana handing over his squash racket to Ramy Ashour is simply goosebumps-worthy.

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Vodafone Egypt displayed our own optimum fantasy of being mentored by our role models. It’s reverberating with us in an emotional level because we forget this journey, we only see the shinning spotlights, the success, but the way to success is filled with obstacles. Perverseness, imitating and paving our own way to succeed is the key! If those idols believed in aspiring actors and athletes, then the question now what is stopping you?!

Showcasing that Vodafone Egypt has been No. 1 mobile operator in delivering the best 3G network coverage and will now pass the power over to the new 4G network. The strongest Network in Egypt and Globally.

This is not the first time for Vodafone Egypt to inspire us with its success stories adverts, same happened recently with their Paralympics advert

Motivational Snippet: The number of actor, actress and athletes that achieved their dreams and continued to prove themselves worldwide is huge, to name a few; Omar Sharif, Amr Waked, Khaled Nabawy, Hedaya Wahba , Mahmoud Mohamed, Sara Ahmed, Mohamed el Nenny, Mohamed Salah.

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