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Vodafone Campaign Breaking the Barriers of Ramadan 2020 Records [Case Study]

The whole world has been suffering from a shock due to the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic and the negative effect it had caused on every aspect of our life. A lot of businesses and brands were put in difficult situations due to the sudden change of all of their marketing plans.

A lot of sectors are suffering from the current situation and one of them is the marketing sector since a big part of it relies on creating adverts and having social interactions to promote brands’ campaigns. Also, with the holy month Ramadan being the season of adverts and campaigns made it even harder for marketers to do their job and to come up with a plan that fits the current situation.

A lot of challenges faced the marketers and brands in creating the perfect advert that fits the current circumstances to join the Ramadan adverts’ race.

One company has been heading the adverts’ race this season is Vodafone as it achieved huge numbers through its new advert in Ramadan.


Advertising in Global Pandemic

Every Ramadan Vodafone releases a new advert that grabs the attention of the viewers, but this time the circumstances weren’t on the brand’s side.

People are required to stay home in quarantine and to commit to the imposed social distancing rule to avoid getting infected. This is a major obstacle that could prevent any brand from creating an advert since most of the adverts depend on face-to-face interactions.

So, Quarantine and social distance are the two major problems that faced Vodafone when creating the new advert but the brand came up with a smart solution to solve this problem while committing to the precautions.

Worth mentioning that Vodafone Ad was shot remotely, by sending sterilised cameras to celebrities’ homes, as their friends and families shot them.


How Vodafone Solved The Problem and Created The Advert

Earlier this Ramadan, the number one operator company Vodafone released a new advert and campaign under the name of عزوتنا_ملايين# or “We Are Millions” and came up with a creative idea that beat the obstacles standing in the way.

  • The brand chose the name عزوتنا_ملايين to represent the relationship between the fan-base that support each celebrity and how these celebrities are now supporting their fans during this hard time and encouraging them to stay home.
  • Vodafone prioritized committing to the precautions.
  • The brand wanted to gather people’s favorite celebrities in one emotional advert without breaking any rules.
  • Vodafone benefited from the “Virtual Gathering” trend and virtually gathered everyone in its advert.
  • Vodafone’s Advert was shot in each star’s home.
  • The number one network sent sanitized cameras to all of the celebrities in the advert so they can shoot their part of the advert by themselves without any crew so they can still follow the forced precautionary measures.
  • The عزوتنا_ملايين# campaign comes in line with Vodafone’s huge COVID-19 campaign “Stay Home… Stay Connected.
  • Vodafone used real footage from the celebrities’ shooting at home to go in parallel with the recent circumstances.

Breaking Digital Media Records

Having Mohamed Salah with his daughter Makka, Mona Zaki, Esaad Youness, Chico, Ahmed Fahmy, Hesham Maged, Amir Eid, etc in one advert grabbed people’s attention, as these celebrities are people’s favorite.

Facebook Video Views
Total Facebook Engagement
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عزوتنا_ملايين# hashtag reached
Hashtag Potential Impression
Gained Followers

Vodafone’s Delivered Message

  • The brand defied the obstacles and gathered people’s favorite celebrities all in one advert with real and genuine scenes to spread happiness among the viewers
  • Vodafone is representing the fans and celebrities as one big family.
  • Vodafone always benefits from the current circumstances to present something creative
  • No matter what Vodafone will always have a solution to gather us all even if it’s virtually
  • The advert is encouraging people to defy the odds and still gather while being at home.

Important Points Vodafone Focused on While Creating The Advert:

  • Staying Home
  • Vodafone will always help you stay connected to your loved ones
  • Families are what matter the most.

Creative solutions always lead to successful campaigns and Vodafone’s campaign succeeded and has achieved the highest numbers in Ramadan Campaigns history.

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