Vodafone’s bringing back Team 010 to continue scroll

Vodafone Egypt comeback after the 4G Plus launch to appear with a completely new approach avoiding the crazy [sha3bi] trend through an advertisement campaign named “Continue Scroll” with the hashtag (#فريق_010)

A 48-second video Ad was enough to go viral on different social media networks to hit 7.5M views on YouTube and 5.3M on Facebook in one week time span.

The fast paced Rap-themed Advert starring the Egyptian actor Sayed Ragab seems to be the new turning point for the brand campaigns styles. Skipping the Sha3by trend and moving to a new fast yet catchy genre that totally suites millennial.

The song itself (الميجا تلف تلف و ترجع لصحابها), is built on a culture-related term which has been used for fun between children since ever, then Karma came to make it the key-word for a whole telecom campaign in 2018!

The story board of the ad was crafted just as the life cycle of any internet user; scrolling, scrolling, and more scrolling then Ops! Your bundle has ended then Vodafone has eventually the solution through its new offer.

Fast Advert for Fast Lifestyle:

Targeting internet-geeks consumers requires speaking the same language, people connects more to brands that show more understanding to their lifestyle. And the more the marketers work on hitting on the consumers’ pain and give them solutions the more consumers respond actively.

Vodafone played it differently, the lyrics was set to be selected relevant to the message of the campaign as it covered all the terms used nowadays that related to online browsing and social media networking.

Most probably you will get a little provoked to replay it and hear it more than once!

Sayed Ragab singing beatbox rap beat:

The beatbox rap beat is fast, full of enthusiasm and it is mostly listened by youths who are the target audience for this campaign.

Sayed Ragab was a good shot not only because he went viral recently through memes and online comics, but also because it is his first time for the talented actor to lead a campaign for a huge brand.

Everything Ragab did in the commercial was totally unexpected?

Have you ever imagined that 68-year- actor, who performed brilliantly complex dramatic roles, turn into professional rapper?

Start your #010 Team

Now, all what you and your team use each day will be gifted to each of you on the following day!

Call *10*Mobile Number# and add 10 of your friends and beloved ones to your team, and all your daily team spend on mobile internet … Vodafone will sum and gift it to each of you on the following day.

Every day, the team that spends the most time on the internet will win a Playstation each!

You can add up to 10 of your friends to your team, so the more you add, the bigger your chances are to win a Playstation!

For instance, if you had 9 members in your team and you spend 1LE on mobile internet today and each of your members spent 1LE, each of you will get 10LE equivalent to use on internet

Not just that, if someone in your team buys a mobile internet bundle, everyone will enjoy double the megabytes the next day

And, if you use more than 25 megabytes on 4G, you will get 4 times the megabytes

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