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Mohamed Salah leads Vodafone and Pepsi brilliant Ramadan to World Cup transition

Brands and people across the country, and in many more across the world, are making the final steps of preparations for the upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup. Tensions are rising as flags are picked up, TVs dusted and adjusted, and game night snacks being planned and prepared.

Patriotism is on the rise and brands are here to pick up the slack and unite us stronger than ever.

Vodafone and Pepsi team up once again for a powerful tactical ad for our return on the international football pitch.


The ad displays the transition from the family and food centered Ramadan into the upcoming power season of our first world cup in 28 years. The VO is a brilliant telling of a story, a story of a nation.

Egypt Celebrating World Cup

It displays our pride and anticipation as a nation for what could become the biggest event of the year.

It is the unfolding of Egyptian preparedness, as we ready our national pride and hopes.

The mixed voice over, including English casters and commentary, shows just how important the season is, not only for Egyptians, and that all eyes will be on us and Mohamed Salah on Friday, and hopefully throughout the tournament.

Admittedly, the ad does put more pressure on Salah’s shoulders, and could potentially backfire on him if he and team are unable to move past their first two matches. It is important to remember that Salah may be our golden eagle, but other team members such as El Hadary are just as essential for our potential wins.

Let’s Unite Behind Our National Team.

Despite everything that has been happening leading up to this Friday, all the criticism for the bus designs, challenges and rumors, we have made it.

It is time to truly unite and band together under one banner, to stand behind our team and cheer them on as they carry our hopes and aspirations on their shoulders and onto the football pitch.

This is the moment we have been waiting for, holding our breaths for.

It is the moment where an entire nation of differences and contrasts will hold hands, tense for the coming battle with flags in our hands, and love in our hearts.

There will be a lot of pressure on brands in the upcoming days, to provide consistent and unifying content. Will they be able to survive and join in on the conversation?

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