Supreme Council for Media Regulation bans Vodafone’s Abla Fahita advert

Controversy has continued to surround Abla Fahita as Vodafone’s latest commercial campaign featuring the popular puppet was banned from broadcasting on TV yesterday, according to a decision issued by the Supreme Council for Media Regulation.

The commercial campaign idea was created to launch Vodafone’s latest promotion “Vodafone Pass” which allow users to enjoy the internet streaming on social, Video, & Music without consuming main mobile internet bundle or balance.

The advert revolves around a song performed by Abla Fahita, which describes consumers problems with the internet, especially with internet prices and the fact that internet bundles usually consumed so quickly.

The Supreme Council for Media Regulation banned Vodafone advertisement because it contains inappropriate phrases and scenes that violate public taste and values.

Meanwhile, the council pointed out in its statement that by showing such scenes, Vodafone abused its position and misbehaved.

Vodafone’s Abla Fahita Ad already hit 9,919,123 views on YouTube in one week time span and ranked as 2nd most trending video on Egypt and considered one of Vodafone’s most viewed videos of all time.

Maspero already refused to air the Advert:

Egypt’s state television has reportedly refused to air a commercial featuring the popular Egyptian muppet “Abla Fahita” over inappropriate content.

Egyptian state-run television channel Maspero already refused to air the latest Vodafone commercial after accusing the commercial of “playing with words to give a different meaning than the original meaning of each, which affects public morals” making it unsuitable for children.

Maspero already refused to air the Advert
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Abla Fahita is a popular puppet that appeared in 2011 and performed an entertainment program named “El-Duplex” on the satellite TV channel CBC, even though the program is described as inappropriate due to using bad language, and it received condemnations from the Egyptian society.

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