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United Media Services Maintains its Neutrality by Abandoning Al Ahly and El Zamalek TV channels

United Media Services (UMS) decided to drop a bomb on each of Al Ahly FC and El Zamalek FC by deciding the return the management of their TV channels to them.

Letting go of two huge media arms like Al Ahly TV and Zamalek TV is not a frequent decision in the world of media. However, it sends a really strong message.

UMS added in their press release that they are keen on supporting the Egyptian sports and their fans in general; not leaning towards any side for the sake of neutrality. In the end, it’s a sport and the company works in entertainment, not club politics.

The persistence to remain neutral is one of the key strategies to maintain potential business deals with all sides. That doesn’t mean that biased media is a wrong approach. The key difference is in how they want to earn their keep in the industry. The two models (Neutral and Biased) are everywhere in the world. The word “Biased” is just suffering from a political stigma.


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