UG-content generates buzz as Taj City revealed to be behind Cairo Reimagined

Last month, we wrote about a mysterious “Cairo Reimagined” campaign that had popped up both online and offline. The campaign started off with a simple Facebook page with a simple objective, to get people talking and creating.

It soon took off, with content creators sharing and hashtagging the campaign with their work. Soon, it wasn’t only graphic work, but photographers and videographers joined in on the fun.

Yesterday morning, the campaign’s offline billboards revealed the people behind the UGC (User Generated Content) fun. Taj City, developed by Madinet Nasr for Housing and Development, has come out of the shadows to take credit for the campaign.


Earning and engaging the community

The people behind Taj City and Cairo Reimagined went through several types of marketing strategies, all of which are always interesting to see in the real estate advertising and marketing market.

Easily, they started with cross-marketing. Their ambiguous billboards led the road to their online success, teasing the campaign before truly starting on social media.

Then they mixed Cause marketing and Undercover marketing for their online activities.

By masking their presence as a real estate company, they were able to create a cause that people would be excited to get behind. Their cause? Reimaging Cairo in whatever way the customer wanted it to be.

From era to era, beautiful as ever.Credit: Hany Hussein & Ahmed Adel الزمن اتغير وغيّر حاجات كتير معاه، إلا جمالها!

Posted by Cairo Reimagined on Monday, October 9, 2017

Slowly it gained traction and soon led to UGC content.

By engaging the community through its cause, and publicizing their work, Taj City was able to create an online buzz to accompany its offline efforts. The brand was able to build a large amount of interest in the campaign through these steps and marketing strategies.

The power of UGC

The term User Generated content gets thrown around a lot in online marketing circles, but in truth, not many are able to use this “magical” strategy.


The truth is, during our information age, we as marketers are not the best sales people for the public; the public is. The problem with that is that the public is picky and lazy, and it can take a lot of work or else something insanely viral to captivate them enough to create.

Taking advantage of UGC is easy, but getting the public to create them in the first place can be difficult.

People want a cause, or some reason such as rewards, to get up and do something. In the Cairo Reimagined campaign, we see that. We see a campaign that asks a simple question and gives a simple Call-to-action/solution.

The campaign was easy; easy to understand, like, and easy to do something about.

So, is UGC worth your time? Just look at Taj City and their UGC filled page. Just remember, UGC, just like Instagram, isn’t for every brand, so keep an eye out or else you could be wasting resources.

More on Taj City New Phase

Taj City is a new real estate development that is positioning itself as properties that strike a balance between old Cairo charm and modern luxury.

Reportedly able to mix local and international tastes and atmospheres, this 3.5 million sq. m. location houses a wide range of residential types (S Villas, Town Houses, Twin Villas, Standalone Villas, Duplexes and more), and has its own commercial district and downtown area.

Developed by a long-trusted company, Madinet Nasr for Housing and Developments, the fullyintegrated community is filled with a plenty of things to do, including regular operatic performances.

For more information on the project, click here.

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