Uber reveals the top 5 New Year’s Eve facts about Cairo and Alex riders

Uber technologies are continuously working on improving road safety in new and innovative ways, recently, Uber launched telematics – technology sensors that now monitor safety measures taken while on the road. Since it started to operate, Uber has always been about offering the public with a safe, reliable and affordable transportation method.

After a several New Year’s Eves under Uber’s belt, it was learned that millions of people in cities around the world rely on Uber for a safe, reliable ride to and from their celebrations. This year, Uber was keen to fuel Cairo and Alexandria streets with thousands of drivers to offer people safe rides.

The last day on 2016 brought up interesting facts on how riders in Cairo and Alexandria used Uber when ringing in the New Year:

1- Sometimes one celebration isn’t enough! The biggest party hopper in Cairo took 7 rides throughout the evening, and the biggest party hopper in Alexandria took four rides.

2- Not to mention that the Average ETA in Cairo was 4.26 minutes, and 4.76 minutes in Alexandria.

3- 1225 riders in Cairo and 214 riders in Alexandria arrived just in time to ring in the New Year, getting out of their Ubers within 9 minutes of midnight.

4- The average of using Uber without surge pricing; over 69% of rides in Cairo and 60% of rides in Alexandria were at normal price.

5- 472 riders in Cairo and 56 riders in Alexandria used “Share Status” feature to let their friends and family know they were on their way.

Thanks to the thousands of drivers, Uber managed to move Egypt safely

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