Brand ActivationRamadan 2016

Uber partner with Mandarine Koueidar to deliver 7ALAWEYAT On Demand!

Ramadan, a month of worship and giving, is also a month full of flavour and wondrous and exclusive most delectable Arabic desserts.

The holy month of Ramadan is upon us and we know you’re sick and tired of waiting in long lines for desserts and all the last minute panic.

According to Uber Egypt announcement, Uber partnered with Mandarine Koueidar to save you from all the hassle with the sweetest pastry shop in Cairo and Alexandria. Uber will bring a delicious plate of Mandarine Koueider Basbousa right to your doorstep at the tap of a button!

This Thursday, June 9, whether you’re in Cairo or Alexandria open up the Uber app anytime between 2-6pm and request your Basbousa on demand!


  • Open the Uber app between 2pm and 6pm this Thursday, June 9th, and slide over to the “7ALAWEYAT” icon and tap request.
  • If you catch one of the “7ALAWEYAT” cars, you’ll receive the delicious basbousa at your doorstep within minutes.
  • You’ll receive a follow up call from your Uber driver-partner to confirm the delivery location.



  • 1 plate of Mandarine Koueidar Basbousa with hazelnuts
  • Net weight 1.2 kg
  • Price per order: 75 EGP

Keep in mind that availability will be limited and demand will be high, so keep trying!

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