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Twitter Highlights 2021’s Trendiest Conversations In Egypt

Twitter is one of the unique social media platforms that gives its users a proper space for expressing their opinions freely. People on Twitter can easily communicate with each other and tweets can easily go viral, as the platform is sometimes the place for memes and jokes; some tweets even go viral on Facebook.

It is very common that Twitter users are different from Facebook and Instagram users; in fact, you can notice that people can be more active on Twitter and even show a different side of their personality on it. Even celebrities sometimes are more active on Twitter because it allows them more space to communicate with their fans.

Since there were many viral tweets this year, Twitter highlighted the top entertainment-related conversations in 2021 in Egypt.

We will provide you with all the insights and the key conversations that happened on Twitter.



Twitter Highlights 2021’s Conversation In Egypt

This is not the first time for Twitter; the platform has been highlighting key conversations that take place on the platform by the end of each year.

Since 2021 is coming to an end, Twitter has revealed its annual analysis of conversation in Egypt and the biggest trends from topics and emojis, to handles and hashtags.

In fact, while reading this article, you will remember all of these trends.


Celebrities Go Viral On Twitter

As we mentioned earlier, Twitter provides proper space for communication especially between celebrities and their fans.

The following handles are pretty known for being active on Twitter.

These are the most mentioned actors and actresses on the platform.

1- Nabil ElHalfawy (@nabilelhalfawy)

2- Yasmine Sabri (@yasminesabri)

3- Youssef El Sherif (@ElSherif)

4- Ahmed Helmy (@ahelmy)

5- Mohamed Ramadan (@Mohamed_Ramadan)

As for the singers, here are the most mentioned.

1- Amr Diab (@amrdiab)

2- Tamer Hosny (@tamerhosny)

3- Hamza Namira (@HamzaNamira)

4- Mohamed Mounir (@Mounirofficial)

5- Mohamed Hamaki (@Hamaki)

Twitter also gave the fastest growing celebrity handle to actress and singer Somaya El Khashab and we can honestly know why. The actress has been making headlines on all social media platforms with her tweets as they have gone viral many times that they even reach Facebook.

Top 5 Most Liked Celebrity Tweets In Egypt

1- The first place goes to actor Khaled Al Nabawy as he shared his pride for Egypt in light of the Pharaohs Golden Parade.

2- Ahmed Mekki comes second as he tweeted a poster from his Ramadan series ‘Al-Ikhtiyar’ or (The Choice) with fellow actor Karim Abdel Aziz.

3- Third place goes to actor Ahmed Helmy for sharing a photo of himself with again fellow actor Karim Abdel Aziz asking people to caption it and he will share it.

4- Fourth is comedian-actor Mohamed Henedy; Henedy is always viral on Twitter and all social media platforms for always posting funny posts. On twitter, his most liked tweet was a photo of himself wearing a wig with a quote from Kadim Al-Saher’s song.

5- Fifth and final place goes to actor Ahmed Amin for tweeting a humorous photo of himself side compared with footballer David Beckham expressing how he sees expectations vs. reality when it comes to online ordering.



Lighthearted and Heartwarming Tweets

2021 wasn’t just the year of celebrities but also everyday Twitter users; they shared their personalities, activities, and accomplishments.

Many users have shared humorous and heart-warming tweets, here are the most liked ones.

1- Ahmed Ramzy who is pretty famous on social media platforms shared a hilarious video of himself reenacting scenes from old action movies.

2- A user under the handle of m_Sharaawi shared a photo of his father carrying a poster of his sister’s name congratulating her on her graduation from medical school.

3- Another Twitter user shared a photo of his recent work.

4- @urfavgangona shared a photo of herself in the street while being photobombed by a truck passenger.




Football Is Always Viral On Twitter

The Football field is taking control over Twitter most of the time; the platform revealed that football-related topics were amongst the most famous conversations in Egypt.

Here are the most mentioned football players

1- Zamalek Sporting Club football player Shikabala  (@Shikabala)

2- Liverpool football player Mohamed Salah (@MoSalah)

3- Al Ahly Sporting Club football player Mohamed El Shenawy (@Melshenawy)

4- Zamalek Sporting Club football player Tarek Hamed (@TarrekHameed)

Most used football club hashtags

1- #AlZamalek (الزمالك#)

2- #AlAhly (الاهلي#)

One certain football player always goes viral on Twitter, this icon is Mohamed Salah.

Here are the most 10 liked tweets by Mo Salah

1- The Egyptian King shared an old photo of him visiting Al-Aqsa Mosque right when Palestinians were struggling in Sheikh Jarrah.

2- Second most liked tweet is Mo Salah sharing a precious moment with his little daughter.

3- The third tweet is when Salah showed off his physique in the gym.

4- The 4th tweet is himself wishing his followers Ramadan Mubarak

5- A photo of Salah with fellow football players Hossam Ghaly, Mahmoud Trezeguet, and Mohamed Hany.

6- Another tweet of himself on the beach in Egypt.

7- Mo Salah tweeting his arrival in Egypt with a photo of himself at the airport.

8- Showing team pride through a photo of himself on the field during a game.

9- Salah tweeted about a match that they lost back in October, with a rallying message reminding fans and followers that the team is going for the title and has what it takes to win.

10- Quality time in a pool


Share with us which of these trends you remember the most.

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