Toxic Masculinity In Workplaces: What It Is and How To Avoid It

Whether you’re a male or a female employee you probably have been through many situations at work where employees bullied you! Some will say it is a joke, but if it hurt your feelings or embarrassed you, it goes under the term bullying.

Bullying in workplaces is not our topic for today though, we are discussing something else. As an employee, have you ever been through a situation where a male employee made fun of you based on your gender?

If your answer is yes, then this is called toxic masculinity; before you judge that this is from a feminist perspective, we would like to tell you that men and women always encounter toxic masculinity.

So, today we will tell you what toxic masculinity is, how it exists in workplaces, and how you can avoid it.


What Is Toxic Masculinity?

Toxic masculinity is a set of stereotypical attitudes and behaviors associated with men.

This type of behavior has a huge negative impact on society as it’s not only directed towards women, it also can target men themselves. Toxic masculinity exists in workplaces and many employees suffer from it; it can even drive them to leave the company.

If you’re wondering how men and women go through toxic masculinity situations, we will tell you.


Toxic Masculinity Towards Men In Workplaces

Workplaces can be the best opportunity for men to be entitled.

Based on a true story, some men were criticized and mocked by their male colleagues for what they were wearing. Just because he was wearing a pink t-shirt, he was mocked because it’s not what a “man” would wear.

Also, some men believe that just because you’re a guy you’re not allowed to complain. Another true story, a man complained that he was harassed and it was received by a mockery from the male recipients.

Male employees also could bully their colleagues for doing a task that according to them belongs to women or could bully someone for having a feminine name!


Toxic Masculinity Towards Women In Workplaces

There are many examples and situations to provide that show toxic masculinity in workplaces.

For example, some men believe that their female colleagues shouldn’t speak in meetings as long as they are talking! Whenever a woman doesn’t understand something in the task, some men tend to tell them they belong to the kitchen! This is toxic masculinity.

In another story based on true events, some female employees were penalized by their male manager for watching a movie during their work, while their male colleagues who were watching a match weren’t subjected to any kind of punishment because it was a “match”.


How Toxic Masculinity Can Destroy The Company

This type of behavior can create a toxic work environment, which will lead to a terrible end for the business.

No one wants to work for a place where its people are bullies and sexist! This will give the company a bad reputation.

In addition to the bad reputation, a man can feel threatened by his female manager. Some men tend to overpass their female manager because they don’t want to be bossed around by a woman; this will definitely harm the business.


How To Avoid Toxic Masculinity In Your Company

You should know your employees and their personality well.

One of the things you can do is when you interview a candidate, try to know their personality; ask them a few questions that can tell you about their mindset. Always listen to your employees and their complaints, you will know a lot about what is going on inside your company.

Promote women and spread the concept of equality. Spread the idea between your employees that women can be managers, reward your female employees, and treat them all equally.

Educate your employees and create a work culture that urges everyone to be tolerant and mind their own business.


Your employees need to know that they should help you create a workplace that is safe and peaceful.

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