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Top 10 Most Socially Devoted Brands on Facebook [Q1 2013]

ur Strategic Partner Socialbakers released its “Socially Devoted Brand Survey” looking at companies’ responsiveness to consumers on facebook. In Q1 2013 Socialbakers run the survey to draw attention to the below-average customer care in social media. The leader Social Analytics monitored tens of thousands companies on Facebook to set industry benchmarks to Response Rates and Response Times to questions from fans. Our aim is to encourage brands to shift their strategy towards more open and responsive social marketing.

What is Socially Devoted?

In 2012, Socialbakers introduced an industry standard called “Socially Devoted,” addressing brands that incorporate social networks into their marketing strategies. Although the Socially Devoted standard provides results for brands on Facebook and Twitter, its principles apply to all social networking platforms, including Google+, YouTube, and others. In order to be successful on social media channels, it is crucial to be Socially Devoted no matter what industry you are involved with – whether it be retail, airlines, media companies, and even film!

Top 10 Socially Devoted Brands – Q1 2013


Important Social Media KPIs:

  • Fan Growth: This helps in understanding the reach of social media messages.
  • Engagement Rate: This is important to increase the fans and to check if the content is interactive.
  • Response Rate: This helps in understanding that how often you are responding to your fans.
  • User Activity: Finding out the times in a day and in a week when the users are most active.
  • Shareability: Amount of shares an update receives per day.
  • Interactions: Likes, Comments, Shares
  • Paid Advertisement Engagement: Likes, Comments and Shares received by a news feed Advertisement.
  • Paid Advertisement Reach: The number of Facebook newsfeeds.

Measuring Social Media Metrics helps a company to understand that where it is lagging behind moreover, it will help in receiving raw feedback. Brands can better allocate resources necessary for maintaining social customer service by decreasing the size of traditional call centers. It provides a unique approach for effective marketing and resolving customer service issues on social media.

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