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Juhayna Pure advert: Too much Dorra, too little brand relevance!

According to a study published in Harvard Business Review about why our brains love storytelling, it shows that a neurochemical called oxytocin is a key “it’s safe to approach others” signal in the brain. Oxytocin – the connection hormone- is produced when we are trusted or shown a kindness, and it motivates cooperation with others.

It does this by enhancing the sense of empathy, our ability to experience others’ emotions. Empathy is important for social creatures because it allows us to understand how others are likely to react to a situation.

Humans are social creatures by nature. As social creatures, we are more drawn and captivated by storytelling. As you can imagine its affect, a good story is one of the most effective tactics of marketing campaign.

Dorra Zarrouk starring Juhayna’s new Pure advert:

Juhayna Pure Juice brand ambassador, the beautiful actress Dorra Zarrouk. Dorra introduced the new addition flavor pomegranate to the Pure family.  The new Juhayna Pure advert is encouraging audience to #LivePure like Dorra Zarrouk.

It’s more of a day of the actress Dorra than a juice advert. Providing the consumers with a VIP access to an exclusive behind-the-scene of the actress’ photo shooting session.

Dorra’s captivating and infectious smile shines throughout the advert, enticing the audience. But where is the brand?

It is almost as if Juhayna is the one promoting Dorra and not the other way around. In the 1 minute advert we scarcely see the Juhayna Pure product…

Dorra’s spontaneous and agile personality is apparent in the advert with her running, jumping around and her constant bright smile.

Juhayna succeeded in bonding with its audience by elating them, or do we say Dorra succeeded?

Which will be remembered, Dorra’s smile or her Pure Life?

Juhayna Pure is encouraging its audience to live Pure, healthy and agile life. Does the latest Juhayna Pure advert promoting the Pure life or Dorra’s infectious smile?

Juhayna has failed to make its product the heroine of the story, but turned it to the sidekick of Dorra, meaning, in an advert that promotes Pure life, the Pure product was an afterthought.

It would have been more effective and relevant if we got to see how the brand effected Dorra. The way it led her to embrace and becomes this agile, playful person.

What does the brand add to its consumers’ lives?

Engaging & informative content is what helps your brand name to stand out. The life of the modern consumers has changed dramatically, The best and most celebrated ads have always been those that tell great stories about the brand.

The best creatives know the key to winning over consumers. Consumer decision making is influenced by celebrities that’s why brands hire actors and beloved football players.

Placing your product in a way that is not intrusive to the audience’s experience is a fine way to go, but relevance and brand recall is just as important.

As your audience’s attention is captivated by other elements than your brand, then what is the reason behind your advertisement?

Let us know how you will recall the brand in Dorra’s photo shooting session?

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