To Leave Your Job Or Not To Leave? Here Are 8 Reasons To Leave

We all go through bad days at work, sometimes it’s so bad that we swear we’re leaving the next day. But do we really want to leave?

Having a bad day at work is never a reason to quit your job! In fact, making the decision to leave your job is never that easy. Sometimes it is hard to leave a place you have been working at for years.

So, if you’re confused about whether to leave your job or not, then take a look at this article. If you have these reasons, then maybe it’s time.


1- Are You Still Learning?

One of the most important reasons for staying in your job is the continuity of learning. If your company is still adding up to your experience and skills, then leaving is a wrong decision. But what if you’re not learning?

Staying in a place that doesn’t add up to you as a person and as an employee, is only delaying you from what you could be achieving.

So, if you’re not learning anything new in your company, then it’s time to search for another opportunity.


2- Your Physical and Mental Health Come First

If your job is affecting your health, then leaving it is the best option. But you have to be able to tell the difference between normal stress and having health issues because of work.

Some people start to develop anxiety and depression issues because they are not comfortable in their job. These issues can affect you physically; you will find yourself exhausted all the time and can’t get a simple task done.


3- You’re Not Being Appreciated

The very basic factors of encouraging someone to perform even better is appreciating their effort. Words of appreciation can turn an employee who wants to quit into someone who works harder than before.

But, if your manager or boss are not appreciating your work and what you do for your company, you might want to think about finding another place. Your hard work and effort should be met with encouragement. But doing the best you can and achieving success for your company without a single word of appreciation, is disappointing. It might even lead you to become lazy at doing your normal work.


4- You’re Not Growing

Every employee is looking for a company that will allow them to grow. Employees usually look for companies that can teach them, add to their experience so they can get promotions. But if you’re stuck without any development, then it’s time to move.

You can’t stay in a place where you can’t grow! You have to have a point in your career life where you look back at how you started and what you are now. If your company is not giving you that, then it’s a sign to leave.


5- Toxic Work Environment

Some work environments can be unhealthy but survivable, but some others are toxic.

A toxic work environment can be spotted easily, and it doesn’t only include a bad manager or work stress, it includes colleagues.

Having a toxic work environment can be because of colleagues creating problems out of nowhere. Or a manager who’s making your life hell, or even the company’s values are different than yours. But staying in an environment that’s full of trouble and instability will bring you down.

Remember that the work environment is what drives the employee to work hard and to do better.


6- Where does Your Passion Truly Lie?

You have to love what you’re doing so you can grow and succeed.

We all at some point in life decided to work any job until we find our true passion, which is ok. But what if you found your passion and you’re working at a place that doesn’t serve it? It’s when you look for another job.

You must fulfill your passion, it’s what drives you to be better and professional at what you’re doing. So, if you’re in a company and your passion lies somewhere else, search for it and move right away whenever you have the opportunity.


7- Did Your Job Just Become Too Easy?

As much as it is a sign that you’re mastering your job, you have to face the fact that you need challenges in your work.

Is your job too easy because you’re good at it? Or Because you go the best out of it? Answering this question will lead you to what you should do. Having a job that is a comfort zone won’t develop your skills. You need to realize that you have to challenge yourself and you have to have dreams to achieve.


8- Better Opportunities Are Ahead

We all look for better opportunities to achieve our goals and enhance our social life. If your company doesn’t give you what can make you thrive, then seek a better opportunity. At some point in your life, you will need an opportunity to enhance your income and your skills. If you found one, take it.

This is one of the factors that will lead you to your career growth.


Just remember to think through your decision, whether you’re leaving or you’re staying. Trust your guts, sometimes it knows better.

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