Timeless Innovation: RiseUp Summit is officially back

For the first time since 2019, RiseUp Summit, one of the region’s leading entrepreneurship events, is coming back at a new venue. RiseUp Summit will go to one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World to to evolve into the future by hosting 150 startups, more than 150 speakers, and over 50 workshops, under the new theme ‘Timeless Innovation’.

The company said it has chosen this year’s date and location very carefully in order to draw powerful parallels between our heritage and the entrepreneurial future of the region.

“We have chosen the pyramids as our venue to remind everyone of the power of Egyptian heritage and of the human ability to build things that transcend time and create timeless impact,” said the 2021 RiseUp team, “hence our theme this year, timeless innovation.”


Meaningful Details

According to the event organizers, the event will take place from 25th of November till the 27th, the birthdate of one the most groundbreaking entrepreneurs in Egypt’s history; Talaat Harb. Talaat Harb’s entrepreneurial accomplishments are commonly recognized as “The Big Bang” of Egypt’s current economy and diverse business landscape. An amalgam of ambitious ideas, skill, resources, and willpower that eventually gave birth to the economy we have today, and this year’s RiseUp Summit aims to help people do the same.


The Gems Of MENA’s Entrepreneurship Ecosystem In One Place

The company says they’re planning this year to be bigger than ever– hosting over 10,000 attendees in total; 150 startups per day over three days, more than 150 speakers from all over the world, over 50 workshops, plenty of investment opportunities, and a venue filled with features and activations to participate in. All coming together to form a necessary experience for every serious investor, every determined entrepreneur, or anyone looking to actualize their ambitions.


Entrepreneurial Giants To Empower RiseUp Summit 21

The event will be inaugurated by billionaire businessman and entrepreneur Naguib Sawiris and will feature speakers ranging from Pixar Animation Studios’ Art Director Deanna Marsiglies and Actor Ramsi Lehner to Global Ventures’ General Partner Basil Moftah and Fawry’s CEO Ashraf Sabry. Other notable figures who will be speakers include Google Egypt’s Country Director Hisham El Nazer, Microsoft Managing Director Shaloo Garg and TikTok Global Community Manager Laura-Andreea Savu.


The summit will host speakers on 3 different stages, all designed with talks that cover various topics. The Capital Stage– for everyone interested in mastering fundraising and investment, the Creative Stage– for everything relating to cultures and the creative economy, and the Tech Stage– for the exponentially booming field of emerging technologies.


Concept & Inspiration For Timeless Innovation

Throughout this entire event is the lingering presence of the Pyramids of Giza, reminding us of our roots, and how one single structure or idea could last for thousands of years — withstanding the test of time. Every human being craves to have a lasting impact, and the RiseUp summit is the exact place where you could find the inspiration, the tools, and the expert support to make that happen.

For years and years people from all over the world went to the pyramids for the history. For the upcoming Riseup Summit, they’ll be going for the future.

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