“The Strongest Love” by ELARABY Group: The Mother’s Day Campaigns That Touched Our Hearts

As we celebrated Mother’s day a few days ago, we have witnessed that many brands have launched very impressive campaigns and the ideas were highly creative and sentimental. Since we always search for the best campaigns, we spotted ELARABY Group’s campaign.

The way ELARABY Group celebrated Mother’s Day triggered every bit of our emotions and the brand delivered the message in the best way; we guarantee it reached all of the viewers’ hearts. In fact, over the years, ELARABY Group has succeeded to create a strong bond with its customers through its campaigns; it knows how to exactly reach its target audience.

So, here’s how ELARABY group celebrated Mother’s Day in its special way.


“The Strongest Love” Campaign

On the 6th of March, ELARABY Group started celebrating Mother’s Day by launching its campaign.

2 weeks before Mother’s Day, ELARABY Group decided to launch its campaign under the name of ‘The Strongest Love’; the brand collaborated with Massar Egbari, one of the most famous bands that has millions of fans, and released a jingle-based advert that its song is about mothers.

The advert and the song are extremely emotional and can make you shed tears while watching it.


The brand has always been able to create a strong and emotional bond with its customers during social seasons, especially Mother’s Day. ELARABY Group was able to establish the value of appreciation for the role of the mother in society through its campaigns. In 2015, it launched a campaign under the name of (Thank you, Mom), and then continued with (My Mother, The light Of Our Home/If it wasn’t my mother, I wouldn’t be/I love you, Mom, because you are a part of me/from the heart.. Thank you, Mom) They all were received with great enthusiasm and popularity.

It’s also worth mentioning that the brand has provided offers and discounts on its products in its main branch, authorized distributors, and on its official website.

Campaign Insights: Views And Numbers

The campaign started with an advert and then press, billboards, communication sites, etc. The Mother’s Day campaign has received very positive feedback.

FB Total Interactions
Facebook Video Views
TikTok Video Views

The campaign has a total of views on TikTok 27 million views as hundreds of TikTok users used the song as a background track for their videos with their moms. Also, the participation of the celebrities like Muhammad Abu Gabal “Gabaskii”, Hala Rushdy, the football player Qafsha, Mustafa Abu Rawash, and Rahma Khaled made it go even more viral.

As for Facebook, the advert exceeded 20 million views and thousands of interactions.

ELARABY Group Celebrates Women Everywhere

ELARABY Group did more than just celebrate mothers on Mother’s Day.

The brand participated in cheering up mothers around Egypt by collaborating with the leaders of some governorates to honor a number of exemplary mothers in the governorates like Qena, Beni Suef, Fayoum, and Qalyubia.

As always, the brand never forgets about its female workers in the company’s headquarters and factories and gave them gifts.


We have to praise ELARABY Group for their choice of Massar Egbari and for the idea of the campaign as it made us all emotional.

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