The Role of E-Commerce: How It Became A Dominant Field and Changed Lives

E-commerce has become a pillar in every type of industry; in fact, it became something that the whole country depends on. Over the years, we have seen the e-commerce field improve and add more creative solutions to reach a wide variety of audiences.

This enabled the whole field to be dominant and attract many entrepreneurs.

Here’s how e-commerce changed consumers’ behavior and how it can enhance the future.


Its Value Appeared In A Critical Time

Even though e-commerce was very popular; two years ago, its popularity increased and people knew its true value.

In a time when we all needed social distancing due to the pandemic, the true value of e-commerce appeared. Everyone started using these platforms to be able to do their life chores easily. During this period, most people realized how e-commerce platforms are so helpful and facilitate life, hence, these days, people depend more on e-commerce in purchasing everything and even paying bills.


It Saves Money

The way e-commerce platforms serve the customers makes them save money.

E-commerce platforms usually make many offers and discounts on the original prices of the products; so, the customers can save money. Also, customers can save on commute expenses, and instead of buying from shops or paying bills, they can do everything from their homes with just one click.

So, any other expenses than the bills or the products’ prices will be saved.


It Positively Affects The Economy

Even the smallest e-commerce business has a huge effect on the economy.

Every now and then, we find a new e-commerce company joining the startup scene; with more companies emerging and a high rate of purchasing, this affects the economy because it drives more income and also provides real employment opportunities.


Easy To Reach Millions of People 

E-commerce platforms can reach people more than on-ground shops.

This field offers a wide range of accessibility to everyone, no matter where you are, you will have the chance to buy whatever you want. One of the things that e-commerce offers is the variety of products; if you can’t find a certain product in a shop, there’s a huge chance you can find it online.

This attracts more customers; the idea of finding anything you want that doesn’t exist in shops is a huge attraction factor.


It Made A Real Change In The Country

The e-commerce field has made Egypt go right into digitalizing everything.

Egypt has set a plan, which is to digitalize everything; the way e-commerce platforms emerged and gained huge popularity than before, helped the country in achieving this goal!

Thanks to e-commerce, most people now use these platforms to purchase everything and even pay most of their bills. So, without anyone noticing, people started to depend more on e-commerce as it made everything easier and can be even more affordable.


Creates More Opportunities

These platforms have actually provided many job opportunities.

The more platforms emerge the more job opportunities will be provided. The more people depend on e-commerce, the more companies will emerge, and therefore, more job opportunities will be available. In fact, within the past couple of years, we have witnessed several startups emerge, which means more people were able to secure jobs.


We can frankly say that e-commerce has shifted consumer behavior and become a dominant field.

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