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The New Technology and Knowledge of Neuro-Marketing for Growing the Business

Businesses are starting to utilize more ‘neuro-marketing’ the new leading edge approach and the new frontier for ‘growing the business’.

Utilizing FMRI/Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging, EEG/ElectroEncephalogram to measure brain electrical activity and other high technologies, there has been considerable research and studies about how people and customers react to stimuli from the five senses in regards to decision making and purchasing behavior; both conscious and unconscious.

How often have you hear bout or encountered customers that indicated they would purchase your products or service but they did not or bought a competitors?

How about the times and situations that you personally did the same?

Yes, there is actual scientific proof about how people may react to stimuli, unconsciously and consciously, for decision making and purchasing.

The five senses are:

  1. Seeing/visual – Opthalmoception Sensory
  2. Hearing/sound – Auditory Sensory
  3. Touch/feel – Tactioception Sensory
  4. Smell /odor – Gustaoception Sensory
  5. Taste – Olfacception Sensory

Knowledge of Neuro-Marketing for Growing the Business

Previous to this new technology and knowledge of neuro-marketing, businesses had to rely on surveys and verbal comments from customers.

Having to exclusively use this older method often was so misleading causing much confusion and not achieving the desired results.  Sometimes it caused significant problems that hindered the business.

Considerable money was often spent on things that did not give the desired business results.

Again, a professional advisor in this neuro-marketing field can tell you about many of such business examples.

Progressive businesses are utilizing professional advisors and specialists in neuro-marketing to help guide them with how to utilize and incorporate this new knowledge to help ‘grow the business’.

Business results are proving to be significant.

Businesses with the help of professional specialists and advisors in this new high technology field of neuro-marketing can help businesses better manage stimuli to customers that affect behaviors and decision making.

Let’s mention a few examples of how some progressive businesses are utilizing


How about the beautiful colored graphics of food in fast food restaurants and the odors and seeing people buying trays full of food.

How about the smell and odor of Apple Pie or Vanilla in the kitchen appliance department of department stores and seeing people buying products.

How about walking near a coffee shop or café smelling fresh coffee and having a strong desire for coffee.

How about smelling the odor of chlorine bleach in a public bathroom and thinking it is clean and sanitary.  (good cleaning products with other odors may not have the same affect)

How about the smell or odor of a new automobile and how it makes you feel and think.

How about the type and brand of the automobile that you personally drive and how it makes you think and feel.

How about people in a liquor store, wine store or wine department of a food store hearing soft French music playing in the store and sales for French wine increases.

How about how you personally select a service needed for your home.

How about how you personally select products to purchase.

How about how you select products or services based on the packaging or pictures/graphics or POP point of purchase display, POS point of sale display or advertising or literature that you looked at or the environment you were in when you made your purchasing decision.

How many of your personal decisions to purchase were ‘conscious or unconscious’ with things influencing and stimulating you and your decisions.

A trained professional in the neuro-marketing field can advise you of so many other examples of all senses and how they can stimulate and influence the purchasing of products and services in most markets and industries and businesses of all sizes.

  • Advertising
  • Branding
  • Marketing Communications of literature, graphics, websites, promotional & support materials
  • PR Public Relations
  • Packaging
  • POP Point of Purchase Displays and POS Point of Sales Displays
  • Sales Presentations
  • Competition differentiation and competitive advantage
  • Pricing
  • The Environment where customers interact with your products or services

And more …

With the assistance from a professional advisor in the neuro-marketing field you can apply ways to positively affect customers’ thinking, feeling and purchasing decisions.

It is great for business management and leaders to study this subject and read the many articles on the internet, numerous books, business journals and magazines that are now available on the subject of neuro-marketing.

This will make you conversational and aware but Not a professional that can be affective and produce desired positive results:  Similar to anyone reading a few medical and health books and thinking they can be as knowledgeable as trained medical doctors and medical specialists.

Just like the old saying about lawyers or attorneys representing themselves in a court of law due to personal problems; “a lawyer or attorney that represents himself personally in a court of law has a fool for a client”.

I recommend that all businesses have a professional advisor on neuro-marketing to assist in finding creative ways to help ‘grow and improve the business’.

Similar for people to stay healthy visiting yearly, a medical doctor for a physical, a dentist for teeth and an optician to check our eyes and sight;  businesses to stay healthy and grow need to do the same except with utilizing specialized professional advisors.   It is cost affective.

This can be utilized by all businesses of all sizes and in all markets, to help ‘grow and improve the business’.

To locate a professional specialist and advisor in neuro-marketing to assist your business both time affectively and cost affectively to produce desirable positive results; one can check the internet for such, have discussions with them, check references or contact the International Neuro-Marketing Association.

For more information or assistance to help you grow the business, feel free to contact me directly.

Michael Marshall

Michael has over 30 years of business experience to senior leadership levels in many markets and industries, national and global, with responsibilities in sales management, marketing and business development along with a PhD in business before teaching internationally at university level (China, Korea, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia). Michael continually seeks out knowledge with additional education, trainings, research and experience to keep on the leading edge of business effectiveness and business development. He has over 33 international publishing’s on many business and business development subjects.