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The MarQ Communities Celebrates The Wonder MarQ Project Through A Huge Event

We can see a huge development in the real estate sector as recently we have been witnessing many real estate developers launch projects with different qualities and features. Among those real estate brands we have noticed The MarQ Communities; this brand is one of the real estate companies that has successfully launched multiple projects leaving its mark in the real estate field.

While managing many successful real estate projects, The MarQ Communities has just launched another one and celebrated it in the best way.

The brand has launched a huge event in the celebration of this new project and it witnessed the attendance of many big names.


The MarQ Communities: A Real Estate Brand That Is All About Creativity

The MarQ Communities is not just a real estate developer, it is a brand whose designs are driven by creativity and luxurious style.

The name of the brand “The MarQ Communities” is inspired by The Marquise, which is a very precious stone. If you’re wondering why the brand chose this name, we will share with you the secret.

Since each diamond is crafted in a way to reach perfection, this is what The MarQ Communities is doing, it aspires to perfection when it comes to design and projects to satisfy its clients.

The brand designs its communities to inspire people through art and sophistication and it is observable in its architectural designs, water features, and spacious greenery.

The MarQ Communities wants its residents to feel as if they are living in a painting.


Celebrating Wonder MarQ

The MarQ Communities has launched a huge event to celebrate its latest project “The Wonder MarQ”.

The event witnessed the attendance of 3500 people along with extraordinary performances from the icon El Hadaba Amr Diab, the superstar Abu, and Raza Maghraby as the master of ceremony. The event was held at The Water MarQ site.

The Wonder MarQ

The Wonder MarQ is the latest project added to The MarQ Communities and it offers the opportunity of living in a modern community with signature activities and thematic architecture.

The project is located in Mostakbal City, New Cairo with a space of 260 acres.  The project has master-planned residential clusters that overlook gardens, valleys, water features, and colorful streets to provide a sense of blended city life with nature.

Wonder MarQ also includes commercial and administrative areas located in the heart of the city and lined by the different residential zones.

It’s worth mentioning that WonderMarQ is among other projects by the MarQ Communities, which are The MarQ, The Water MarQ, and The MarQ Ville.


The MarQ Communities has a goal, which is to become Egypt’s leading lifestyle community by designing distinctive communities to meet the needs of its customers.

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