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The Left Bank responds to Social Media crisis in actionable PR

If you remember the famous story about the stolen car featured in previous article PR statement is not enough to handle a Social Media Crisis. Today we received an update from Mai Abaza, Managing Partner at Publicist inc. about what steps taken to clear the situation.

The received press release shed the light on the current investigations updates and compensation offered to contain the case and find a final solution to keep The Left Bank customers delighted.

4 December 2014 Cairo, Egypt
In light of the recent incident with the car theft happening in front of Urbane Restaurants; which include Left Bank, Sequoia and Mirai, we apologize to our customers for having any miscommunication and for not clearly stating that the valet company operating in this part of Abo El Feda Street is neither hired nor contracted by Urbane Restaurants.

Regarding the regretful incident that happened to our customer with the valet company, we would like to clarify that we have been playing an intermediary role in the police investigation and that the attendant directly responsible for the car was arrested and questioned by the police. Given that the car owner pressed no charges against him, he was subsequently released.

Through our intermediation, a vehicle of the same brand, model and year was offered by the Valet company or EGP 30,000 in financial compensation along with a temporary car with a driver. Both offers were declined by the car owner, who asked for a higher value than proposed – an offer that the valet company could not meet. At this point, no resolution was reached and we recommended that both parties continue negotiations directly and our intermediary role came to an end.

The Valet company rents directly from the local municipality of Zamalek حي غرب القاهر based on their own criteria, a process that we have no connection or say in. To ensure that this incident doesn’t reoccur, we have filed a complaint with the municipality ( حي ) غرب القاهر to replace the current Valet Company.

We have also taken measures by placing clear signage upon entering our restaurants to ensure that our customers clearly understand that they are leaving their car in the hands of a Valet Company that is in no way linked to Urbane Restaurants. All references for Valet service has been removed from all of our communications.

We would also like to advise everyone to take extra pre-cautions when leaving your car with a valet and to never leave your car keys without receiving a card, regardless of how familiar you are with the Valet Company staff.

Should you have any enquiries please contact us on and we are more than happy to answer any questions.

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