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The King Doesn’t Need Wings to Fly

RedBull is running one of 2020 biggest campaigns in a collaboration with the King Mohamed Mounir. The campaign is celebrating 40 years of his success and promoting a concert for Mounir sponsored by RedBull on Friday, the 6th of March.

The tricky part is that the concert will be in a secret place and you will have to follow the webisodes guidelines to know all the details and for a chance to win.


One Minute Teaser

A few days ago, RedBull released a one-minute advert talking about Mounir’s history, how he left a mark in people’s lives, and how everyone loves him.

The advert ended with the purpose of the campaign which is someone can win a chance of spending some time full of music with The King himself in a secret place by finding out the King’s secret.


How to win?

For a person to win, they have to go to the website ELKING.REDBULL.COM, answer a few questions related to Mohamed Mounir, solve a riddle by collecting some hints, take a picture of them and then post them on Instagram using the hashtag #RedBullSerElKing.


The real deal video

On the 18th of Feb, RedBull released the second video but this time it was 11 minutes. What we found out is that the campaign contains 4 episodes taken from a one hour-long interview with Mohamed Mounir run by the Egyptian author Omer Taher.

After nearly 10 years, Redbull finally got to arrange a heart to heart talk with the King Mohamed Mounir, so he can share his journey in singing, life stories and secrets.

They released 2 episodes so far, the first episode was completely heartwarming as he shared his opinions on the music industry especially the current music trend, and we fell in love with his description of what singing means to him. The episodes will be out every Monday and Thursda.

Second episode

On the second episode Mounir kept sharing his life stories but they focused more on the story behind his two iconic songs “Ishk Al-Banat” and “Edeya Fe Gyoubi”The episodes will be out every Monday and Thursday


Brand integration: you’re doing it wrong

Brand integration has become an increasingly popular way for brands to increase awareness, preference, and loyalty. When product placement works, it gives you wings to fly.

Not every digital content can be a Bond movie. But when you invite a king into your marketing strategy, make sure you will have a memorable story to go viral.

For marketers who invested heavily in creating new ways to make sure customers get their message. Digital insertion can act as a spear-head

In The King’s Secret webisodes, RedBull brand bombardment was widely noted with no logical relevance or even emotional story woven around Monier’s life or story of success.

It is really huge move to have Mounir again to talk about his life and career since we rarely see him in the media or doing adverts, so it was expected for this campaign to get more attention and more promotions to gain virality because it deserves it but unfortunately it is not getting the expected attention.

But we are expecting from Redbull something that will blow our minds with this interview that will make this campaign go extremely viral in a blink of an eye because in the end everyone wants to hear what goes on inside the king’s mind.

We are so glad to see the legendary Mohamed Mounir again on the screen and be a part of today’s advertisement and we can’t wait to watch the next episodes and hear him talking about his life, career and sharing his experience with us but we hope Redbull can market their campaign and promote it the way it deserves.

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