The Invasion of Rap Music and How It Dominated The Advertising Field

If you’re keeping up with the adverts lately, you would find one thing in common, their jingles’ genre. We can all agree that most of the adverts today depend on Rap, and most of the rappers appear in adverts.

We can frankly say that Rap is the dominant genre when it comes to creating an advert’s jingle, or it is a contributing factor; most of the jingles are either rap or includes rap verses.

So, we will be discussing today why rap suddenly became a dominant factor when it comes to promoting a product.


The Evolution of Adverts’ Jingles

Whenever there’s a new popular music genre, creatives just adopt it.

Over the years we have witnessed new music genres emerge and when there’s a new genre, there’s a new advert’s jingle. Most of the adverts back in the day depended on the pop music that we all know. We all have seen Amr Diab sings in adverts, along with Tamer Hosny and many more, until the moment “Mahraganat” emerged.

This is when adverts started to include jingles in the form of Mahraganat and even included the famous Mahraganat singers like Okkar w Ortega and many more.

So, whenever the mass starts admiring a new music genre, adverts just depend on it and this is what happened with Rap.


Why It Became So Popular

Rap is actually dominating the music industry these days; therefore, it invaded the world of advertisement.

As we mentioned, whenever the mass admires a genre, it invades the world of advertisement. Rap has been gaining wide popularity these days especially with the emergence of the music of the famous rappers Wegz, Marwan Pablo, Marwan Moussa, Abyusif, and so on.

It seems that this is one of the best ways to communicate with the mass, especially youth and teenagers. Also, what has been giving rap popularity these days is how rappers dis each other.

These types of wars grab the listeners’ attention; therefore, rap gains more popularity which leads to stabilizing its existence in the advertisement.


Why Adverts Depend on Rap

If you want to grab your target audience’s attention, use what they love the most.

Since we can all agree on the wide popularity of Rap, then we can agree that it is the best way to reach your target audience, especially those of young age. If you rewatched those adverts with Rap jingles you would find that what they promote mostly relates to young adults and teenagers.

So, rap proved that it can be one of the best ways to communicate with the audience; also, this is how you can make an advert stay in people’s minds.

What’s better than a song to make your advert memorable?

So, creating a Rap jingle can actually make the advert memorable; some jingles even made it to music applications so people can listen to it whenever they want.


Not Only Rappers Can Rap In Adverts

This genre became so popular that anyone can rap in adverts.

Adverts don’t really depend on rappers as much as they depend on Rap itself. In fact, we have seen many actors and actresses rap in adverts; for example, the actor Mohamed Henedy rapping for Molto.

So, Rap as a style of singing or a music genre became so popular that adverts even make non-rappers rap!


Can Any Advert Depend on Rap?

The answer is No! And we will tell you why.

Using rap in adverts depends on the target audience; you can’t be promoting a product for elders and use a rap song to reach them!

So, not all brands can use rap to promote themselves. The question we should be asking is, can brands dis each other through rap?

A long time ago we have witnessed a war of adverts between Pepsi and Cocacola; so can brands do this again but through rap?

Who knows, maybe this will be a new way of promoting, especially that it’s acceptable to dis in rap.


Adverts Depended On Rap

We will show you some adverts that depended on Rap to promote a product.








Share with us your opinion, do you think rap in adverts is overrated and overused? Or do you like the idea?

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