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The Importance of Self-Belief And Knowing You Can: AXA

Who does not face challenging situations throughout his journey; your inner self-belief, knowing that you can, is what it takes to get one through it all.

Building on this relevant human insight, AXA Egypt has launched its newest brand campaign, positioning self-belief as a core element that empowers humans during their journey between self-doubt and achievement.

AXA’s newest campaign narrates stories of unexpected tragedy, and how people are able to overcome it and come out stronger than ever, by simply believing that it is a new beginning for improvement and strength. This is where the role of the brand comes naturally, where AXA, as an insurer, owns the right to have its customers’ back during this journey.

It’s a far cry compared to the usual insurance hard sell approach of the past few decades, moving away from the conventional messages to a purpose driven brand, AXA is here to support you to go further in life.

Know You Can “Enta Addaha”

The campaign assets, copies & key visuals, embody the brand’s positioning through a narration that the story of our lives can easily change, but it depends on how we respond and move forward.

The ad’s message is simple, it’s not just about going forward, it is about living with an outlook and belief that you can get through anything.

The creative’s choices in how to visually tell the story is an interesting one, through combining both animation and real shoots. The strokes of the paintbrush and chalk that pull us back to the memories of the person to relive the memory, also efficiently pushes the narrative in gorgeous style along with the build-up of the music.


It is a great and aesthetic tactic to keep watchers interested while pushing the story along on its teasing pace.

This also provides a more playful or less serious feel when it comes to the sad events that are depicted, keeping the ad lighthearted enough to get its main message across while still providing some kind of dramatic backdrop.

For those eagle-eyed watchers, you may have noticed small subtle and not so subtle messaging in the props and aesthetics, such as the text on the pottery in the artist’s copy, where she picks up a broken piece with the word “bedaya” or begin, completing the ad’s over-arching message of empowerment and self-belief.

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