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The HUB partner with The Ad Store to embrace more human communication in Egypt

The HUB Advertising agency joins international group of advertising agencies bent on changing the world of advertising.

The HUB Advertising agency has just announced joining the Ad Store, to be the newest member of the “human network.”

The HUB Advertising is a Cairo-based full-service advertising agency and production house that has created some great work over the years. Their work for Cairo Festival City continues to grab attention worldwide, such as from Ads of The World.

Their joining with the Ad Store helps the international group expand its strategic presence into the Middle East and specially in Egypt.

But, what exactly is the Ad Store?

We Are The Human Network; The Ad Store

The Ad Store is a collaboration, or group, of international agencies all over the world under one banner, Human.

As their website puts it “We are an international creative group of independent communication agencies that make old advertising agencies look like, well, old advertising agencies.”

2017 in review

As they say, the best is yet to come. With such an amazing 2017, 2018 will be #humantastic! #TheAdStore25

Posted by The Ad Store on Thursday, December 21, 2017


They are currently present in 15 countries and have now strategically placed themselves in the Middle Eastern/North Africa region with their joining with the HUB. Although each agency within the network is stated as independent, the network allows teams all over the world to seek each other for advice and connection with other creatives.

The network allows agencies to help each other out, through informing and information sharing. “If the Ad Store network participates in an international pitch, your agency will be involved. If new business opportunities come up in your market, you’ll be the first to know.”

Becoming a member of the network also involves getting the “exclusive license in each country,” meaning only one agency can carry the name in each country. (Other than the USA, which has a New York and DC branch.)

Brands that join the network must adhere to their uniform, which includes a makeover. Other agencies that joined have taken on the Ad Store name and are given a website template by the Ad Store to work with.

Joining the team

The HUB Advertising agency’s 30 or so filled talent pool has already joined the international network. The HUB has made some fantastic work over the years and may prove that thinking outside the box really does pay off.

Working in collaboration with the Ad Store could mean a step up for the agency, but only time will tell.

“Pragmatism, focus on results and a human touch: these are the reasons why we have joined The Ad Store network” says Nader Khalil, Managing and Creative Director of the HUB. “We share both The Ad Store’s approach and its international business objectives.”

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