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The best memes and tweets from 2018 FIFA World Cup

The world cup may be behind us in a blaze of glory for France, but their memes and tweets will never leave us. This year was the year of social media, especially Twitter.

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In honor of Twitter’s inaugural “Golden Tweet” awards, we’re taking a fun look back at some of the best tweets and memes of the FIFA World Cup 2018.

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Let’s start with Kyle Walker’s winning tweet as “Most RT’d Player Tweet!”


England fans had a lot to celebrate this world cup, and they celebrated hard.


France not only won the cup, but many hearts as well through this video.


That didn’t stop the fact that most wanted underdog Croatia to win.


Croatia’s Football Federation couldn’t believe where they were to the very end.


Neymar’s antics on the field made him a naughty boy that everyone just had to meme. The fall even led to the #NeymarChallenge, which had people and pets rolling over in laughter.

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Maradona felt his inner Sayan during Argentina matches.


This was one of the most retweeted tweets related to the final match. Unfortunately, many commentators have debunked it as coming out of Pamplona, Spain during a traditional celebration.


Even Brands got in on the WC action as well. When Swedish former player Zlatan Ibrahimovic challenged David Beckham to a small bet.

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The world cup was full of fun and games.


But it was still a tournament that shone a light on the brilliance of teamwork and integrity.



Japan and Japanese fans have particularly been beloved at this year’s tournament, being the classiest of countries.


*Senegal fans also helped clean up the stadiums during their matches as well.

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