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The 10 Most Emotional Super Bowl Ads of 2020

The Super-Bowl season is one of the biggest seasons in the U.S where every brand tries to top the other with their commercials. We will be listing below the top 10 commercial that were brilliantly done.

Browse the best Super Bowl 2020 commercials below.

1- Pepsi

Pepsi is one of the biggest sponsors of the Super-Bowl especially the half-time show with its mind-blowing performances from artists like: Bruno Mars, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and this year was Shakira and JLO. The commercial is really good as they used an updated version of the iconic song Paint Black by The Rolling Stones to be sang by Missy Elliot ft H.E.R. We can’t let that part go; Pepsi played it smart when they used Paint Black to provoke Coca-Cola to try to spark that Cola- Pepsi war again. Well played, Pepsi!


2- Amazon- Alexa

This is definitely one of the best commercials you’ll ever see! The new Amazon ad is about how life would be without Alexa. The commercial stars Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi and we have to say that having Ellen DeGeneres always adds a lot, so excellent choice, Amazon!


3- Rocket Mortgage

Rocket Mortgage took the meaning of home to a whole new level! Who would want to see Jason Momoa stripped out of all his “Aquaman” look! But I guess, this how you get comfy and just be yourself at home. We still love Jason Momoa though, Aquaman or no Aquaman!


4- Walmart

A whiff of nostalgia that will make you extra happy! Walmart used a lot of famous Sci-Fi movies in their commercial and it turned out just perfect, you’ll find yourself spontaneously smiling watching the ad.

5- Doritos

Lil Nas X and Sam Elliot dressed as cowboys in a fierce confrontation of who gets the Doritos. Using a really popular song is always a plus to a commercial.

6- Cheetos

Cheetos’s new commercial will have you in tears from laughing! Aside from using such a classic song; relating it to the ad’s idea is beyond perfect and hilarious.

7- Google

Time to get a tissue! They didn’t use any celebrity or go nostalgic like other commercials. They targeted the emotions with their new ad of an old man who wants to always remember his late wife. The ad will have you in tears.


8- Coca-Cola Energy

What do you want in an ad more than Martin Scorsese and Jonah Hill together? Absolutely nothing!
Scorsese is stuck in a part and asking Hill to join, Will Hill have the energy to go?!

9- Toyota

If you ever got stuck in the middle of a war, gas leak or even an alien attack, Toyota is here to the rescue.


10- MTN Dew Zero Sugar

Have you ever imagined what Walter White would look as Jack Torrance from “The Shining” saying “Here’s Johnny!” Well, Mountain Dew granted you that wish!


We can officially say that these by far are our favourites, they all have creativity, sense of humour, nostalgia and even made us a little teary. Share with us which one you loved the most.

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