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TEDxCairoUni to “come, see and conquer” for its 5th year

TED talks are some of the most watched events online, with the storytelling platform leveraging multiple video platforms and opportunities to spread their influence and talks. TED talks are known to well-organized and prepared, but not many applaud the independent TEDx organizers all around the world.

We have a few here in Egypt as well, including this month’s TEDxCairoUni by Cairo University.

This year’s Cairo University TEDx will focus on Julius Caesar’s famous victory boast “Veni, Vidi and Vici” as they celebrate their 5th year as an official TEDx organizer. The phrase, which was said to have been part of the Caesars’ victory letter after a swift victory at the battle of Zela, can be translated to “I came, I saw, I conquered.”

The TEDxCairoUni team stated that “when speaking of the sentence itself, the sentence tells the story of any struggle and the victory that follows. Every struggle is defined and summarized in Veni, Vidi, Vici, and every victory goes through a struggle; for every Vici, there has to be a Veni and a Vidi.”

Cairo University celebrates its 5th year as a TEDx organizer by looking more into its roots by focusing more on Cairo University students and their stories. It will be hosted by one of our non-fashionista influencers to follow for 2018, Hossam Heikal.

A Young Platform

TEDx isn’t a platform that only aims to cover and spread the information and knowledge of the well-known, but to tell stories and encourage younger audience members and participants to push forward towards their goals.

Last year’s TEDxCairoUni was full of well-knowns such as Rania Ayman (Entreprenelle) and Rahma Khaled (Special Olympics champion and first Egyptian TV host with Down Syndrome), and this year will be again be mostly young and motivated speakers who are excited to tell the world of their journey.

Although TED talks originally came from a focus on Technology, Entertainment and Design, many TED and TEDx talks have expanded to society issues, personal development, education, economics and more to allow more diverse topics. This year’s TEDxCairoUni explores a variety of topics.

From theoretical physics theories on dark matter to how anime can change a person’s life, the topics are broad enough to capture a wide range of interests. Other topics to be talked about are how to explore the impact of language and culture on reality and perception, professional storytelling, the art of debate and many others.

Want to take a look at this year’s event? Register Here.

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