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TECNO Mobile Launches Camon CX in Egypt

Revealed Monday night, African mobile phone manufacturer TECNO Mobile has officially launched their newest model into the Egyptian market, the Camon CX.

The Ritz Carlton’s Al Qahirah hall was filled as guest talkers stood on stage to speak about what could be the future of affordable selfie camera phones.

Exclusively sold from only Orange stores and Jumia, TECNO mobile decided on this unorthodox choice due to what they believe is for the quality of care for their customers. Mohamad Ismail, TECNO’s regional business development director, specifically discussed their choice of cooperating with Orange due to their well-groomed customer journey in which they have a strong dedication for.

Hoping to reach a target of 15% of Egypt’s market share by the end of the year, TECNO mobile is hopeful to recapture last year’s success of their TECNO Camon C9.

Made for selfie lovers

With research on the expanding and growing trend of selfie taking within the young adult demographic, the mobile manufacturer has heavily relied to focusing the new Camon CX as a sweet selfie taker with its HD 16MP front camera and dual front flashes.

According to their marketing director, Mahmoud Taha, today’s youth are trying to express themselves and their emotions through selfies. Therefore, it was only a simple jump of thought that led them towards creating what could be one of the best beauty selfie mobile cameras on the current market.

To help capture a quality selfie, described as a self-photo which is taken with a high quality or High definition camera that contains a story or plot that is interesting or entertaining, the Camon CX was produced to enable users to create quality selfies at any moment.

Capturing a quality selfie

For most selfie takers, avoiding taking photos in dark areas or backlit areas is a golden rule. It simply ruins a photo and most beauty photo and selfie editors can’t save you. The Camon CX addresses this with three features; its dual front flash, 4 in 1 photo technology and Arcsoft smart denoise software.

The dual front flash improves photos with its brightening effect, while the 4 in 1 technology captures 4 different photos at the same time which are combined to provide a higher exposure/brighter selfie and photos. The Arcsoft smart denoise software works to lessen the damage and noise in a photo caused by not having enough light, similar to tools provided in top photography editing programs.

Beauty selfies will be easier to take with the phone’s updated algorithms, which offer support to darker skinned users as well. With the new algorithm, noise is reduced by up to 30%.

The front camera is a 16MP HD camera, provided to give users as much clarity as possible for their selfie taking. TECNO worked with Sony to ensure the best lenses were chosen for the phone. The back camera includes a customized ring flash to also provide maximum light to photos.

The phone’s Octa-Core processor is designed to allow the mobile phone’s camera app to open up instantly with minimal delay, and its fingerprint senor (located on the back of the phone) allows for quick snapping of photos on the go.

Users will also avoid the need to download beauty selfie editors or photo editors such as Candy Camera because the phone comes with pre-installed customized real time portrait filters. Phone owners will easily be able to add filters to their photos and immediately share them online.

With the selfie trend clearly beloved by our country’s young adult population, and with the dollar issue causing phone prices to rise sky high, the TECNO Camon CX may create a place for itself within the young selfie loving mobile users’ hearts.

Sharing your quality selfie

As we wrote last week, the hashtag and challenge “#QualitySelfie” has been circulating social media for a bit now. More users have joined in the cause, including Khaled JwadMohaned Shawky and actress Mai Ibrahim.

Many are excited and mostly curious to see what kind of trouble and things that may come out of this challenge. To provide ideas, TECNO’s media team were kind enough to include some examples in their promo video for the phone.

Perhaps we’ll see some backflips into the beautiful clear waters of the Red Sea, some parkour tricks on the Pyramids or maybe even some cute pet tricks?  We won’t know until more people catch on to the hashtag and see where it takes the Egyptian public.

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