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TECNO Mobile Launches new Phantom 6 flagship smartphones in Egypt which “You Can Depend On”.

Over the last decade, TECNO mobile has dominated the African mobile market to become one of the most successful mobile brands in the black continent. Controlling an average of 25.3% market share in all the major markets in the Sub-Sahara region.

Consistently dishing out high-end smartphone devices, this latest addition to the TECNO Phantom series –TECNO Mobile Egypt is launching their brand new Phantom flagship smartphones in Egypt “Phantom 6” and “Phantom 6 Plus”.

Africa’s leading Mobile Devices makers

The Phantom 6 and Phantom 6 plus devices boast a number of high-end upgrades when compared to its predecessors, the Phantom Z and Phantom 5 that was launched in 2014 and 2015 respectively.

TECNO Creative Campaign:

Don’t think that TECNO Mobile Egypt did not think of our precious Selfies sessions and fantastic (coffee) pictures, they definitely did not forget about selfie lovers with Phantom 6, powerful Dual back camera 13MP and 5MP with adjustable focus. And even more amazing Phantom 6 Plus’s 21 MP back camera with 80MP super pixel fusion imaging. We most definitely can’t wait to try it out!

Promoting their Phantom new phones, the creative team, chose 3 situation in real life, that any of us will need a smart phone which “You Can Depend On” #خليك_مالي_إيدك in our special moments that can change our lives like graduation day, wedding day and giving birth.

The campaign show-case how the amazing phones will keep up with us on our most important occasions, with all their amazing features that was tailored to suit the brand’s fans, what we complain about and what is important to us, they delivered the massage in a humorous, creative approach.

The special moments, and good times pass fast so don’t waste them on a freezing phone or a charging one! Enjoy every moment with Phantom 6 and Phantom 6 Plus. #خليك_مالي_إيدك they most definitely won’t let you down.

We all have tons of photos for those specific occasions more than any other day, right?!

Now you can depend on Phantom’s fast charging, high-quality camera and exceptionally fast phone, it won’t let you down in our important occasions.

As those specific occasions only comes once in our lives, Phantom phones won’t let us miss the chance to make amazing memories.

With the “Flash charging”, we don’t have to have special power bank to fast charge it, we can just connect it to an electricity outlet and have our phones 100% battery charged till we pose for the picture.


TECNO Exceptional mobiles features:

TECNO flagship smartphones means high-end features, processors, and cameras, and as the ever-changing and innovative industry of smartphone, Phantom 6 and 6 Plus are no different, they have noticeably surpassed their predecessors.

As we are all faces the non-ending torture of a fast-draining and slow-charging batteries, TECNO with the Phantom 6 and Phantom 6 Plus ends our misery and let us enjoy the mobile’s features and applications with a “Flash Charge” feature, it means that we can enjoy 4 calling hours with ONLY 10 minutes of charging! Quite exceptional! Right?!



Moreover, slow smartphone isn’t worthy of its name!

We live a fast life, we need information to be available with a swipe of a finger, not freezing or overheating smartphones. If you are anything like us, then here is how the new Phantom phones are for you, it boasts an Octa Core Processor with 3G RAM, and Phantom 6 Plus flaunts a Deca Core processor with 4G RAM. Say goodbye to slow-responding smartphones.

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