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TECNO Mobile Campaign: How Much Do We Depend on Our Smartphones?

People are spending more time on smartphones and streaming. It’s become a common sentiment among smartphone owners addicted to their social media notifications, productivity apps, texting platforms, and mobile games that they couldn’t live without their smartphone.

TECNO mobile has launched their new amazing Phantom 6 and 6 Plus, with an incredibly smart and funny campaign. A remarkably creative campaign that showcase the most important events in our lives.

The Phantom 6 and 6 Plus launch campaign started with the first ad of “Giving birth” on the 10th of November and two days later, they released their second advert which play on “Graduation day”.

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Half of smartphone owners have used their phones to get help in an emergency situation. “Graduation day” ad is even more funny than the first version. Delivering the message that with Phantom 6 and 6 plus, the moment might pass quickly, but the great images and memory will live forever. Which all of us find very true.

In our graduation day, the moment when our names are called infront of all the important people in our life is valuable and not a reoccurring event, it just happens once. The profound pride of our hard work finally paying off, is not a moment we take lightly.

The event itself might pass slowly with the immense amount of people being graduated and called upon the stage, but when our name is called, everything happen so fast!

So when you can have a phone that you can depend on #خليك_مالي_ايدك  this moment will be memorized with the outstanding, clear and high-quality photos. Unlike the others phone with most pictures are out of focus.

As well as, when you take tons of pictures of each step your son or daughter take, closer and closer to the stage, by the time they reach it, your phone will not do the annoying beeping of empty battery, when you need it the most!

Campaign Key Message: Phantom 6 and 6 Plus, a phone you can depend on.

Do you want your customers to fall in love with brand? Make them laugh. many of the most memorable ad campaigns around tend to be funny and for Egyptian consumers, a bit of humor is always welcome!

Advertisers know that while making the customer laugh, they have to keep things interesting, because old jokes die along with their products.

The funny approach to our lives is a great way to strategize your campaign. With the relative content, you reach your fans subconsciously, your community will connect with your brands. Many psychology studies, stated that, humor advertising from is a great way to build a loyal fan-base.

Moreover, humor is a shareable content, so by adding humor content to your plan, you are adding value and a contagiously funny content, that your audience will be compelled to share with someone they know will find just as funny.

In conclusion; Humor in advertising tends to improve brand recognition, TECNO mobile’s strategy is ultimately effective to deliver a technical message in a funny, real-life occasions without using any heavy technical terminology.

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