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Tech Brands Take Over Interbrand’s Best Global Brands Report for 2020

This year has been a difficult one in every business sector and we could see that some brands struggled to adapt to the current situation. Despite the current situation of the Coronavirus pandemic, some brands have achieved huge success.

The new York-based marketing consultancy, Interbrand has released its annual report on this year’s ‘world’s top brands’ and this year’s list includes some changes.


The Tech Sector Is Taking Over The List

While Apple keeping its spot by being number one on the list with a +38% value increase and 322,999 million dollars, Amazon has jumped to being number two with a brand value increase of +60% and 200,667 million dollars.

Also, Microsoft has taken over Google’s spot by being number three, which is the first time to happen since 2012. Microsoft’s brand value has increased +53% and 166,001 million dollars while Google is number four and its brand value has increased 1% and achieved 165,444 million dollars.

Number 5 was for SAMSUNG, which is SAMSUNG’s first time to be in the top 5 list; the brand’s brand value increased by +2% and achieved 62,289 million dollars.

As for the remaining five spots:

  • Coca-Cola being number 6 with 56,894 million dollars
  • Toyota is number 7 with 51,595 million dollars
  • Mercedes-Benz is number with 49,268 million dollars
  • McDonald’s being number with 9 42,816 million dollars
  • Disney is number 10 with 40,773 million dollars.


Tesla and Zoom Enter the Ranking List

For the first time ever Zoom enters the rankings by being number 100 with a brand value of 4,481 million dollars. It’s no surprise that Zoom has joined the rankings since it gained huge popularity during the quarantine. The application was a helping hand in holding online meetings and online classes for school and college.

New entrants for 2020 includes:

  • Instagram (#19)
  • YouTube (#30)
  • Zoom (#100)

Re-entrants includes:

  • Tesla (#40)
  • Johnny Walker (#98)

Tesla on the other hand has re-entered the rankings since its last time in 2017 by being number 40 with a brand value of 12,785 million dollars.

Other social media brands did well this year as Instagram came in the 19th spot, YouTube is number 30, and Facebook is number 13 with a brand value of 35,178 million dollars.

Also, media companies have witnessed success during Covid-19. It is obvious through Spotify jumping 22 spots to be number 70 with a brand value of 8,389 million dollars, Netflix reached number 41 with a brand value of 12, 665 million dollars.


Covid Effect: Fashion Brands Dropping

This year the Coronavirus was not in the Fashion Brands’ favor as their brand values dropped by 13% and 14 %. Zara became number 35, while H&M became 37; the two brands dropped around 6 places this year.

The 2020 Best Global Brands ranking also saw the ‘Covid effect’. Most of the luxury brands were affected by the pandemic except for Hermes becoming number 28 as it’s brad value decreased between 1-9%.


The overall value has increased to 2,336,491 million dollars, which is 9% since last year. The leading sector of the value is big tech as the average growth of technology and tech brands was 20% and now they represent 48%.

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