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Taiwanese animation company news-jacking to Marina Shifrin resignation; We Are Hiring !

While most of the comments on Marina Shifrin video [An Interpretive Dance For My Boss Set To Kanye West’s Gone] The Former Employer decided to take the advantage and fires back at Marina Shifrin’s viral resignation using the same way !

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While  Marina Shifrin was smart enough not to mention the company name or, her ex-boss name, employees at the Taiwanese animation company [Next Media Animation] perform their own “interpretive dance” to Kanye West’s “Gone.” The video wishes Shifrin well and announces they are hiring.

On publishing this article, Marina Shifrin resignation still on fire and reached while the former employer attracted 16,962 views till now compared to 6,595,351 views for Marina Shifrin video. Even if it seems the We Are Hiring video is far behind the Resignation video, I still find it great maneuver from Next Media Animation guys manage to find an idea to inject the company name into the story take the digital buzz around Marina’s viral video to the next level and grab the media attention !

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