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SWVL X Ford: SWVL’s newest partnership brings new opportunities for commuters

Egypt’s budding startup superstar continues to grow with their newest partnership with international automotive company Ford. Last night, the two signed an MoU that will see them working together to deliver a safe, reliable and comfortable transportation solution to urban commuters in Egypt’s large cities.

It’s an exciting time for the company as they expand to other countries in the region. Mostafa Kandil, SWVL’s CEO told us that “[I am] so excited. I think we are in uncharted territory when it comes to expansion, when it comes to growth for an Egyptian startup. We feel that this is our responsibility, and we are committed to bringing what we have done in Egypt, scaling it even further and bringing it to the rest of the emerging markets.”

The agreement will combine SWVL’s app-based mass transit app with one of Ford’s best sellers, the Ford Transit which is considered as one of the world’s best-selling vans.

When we asked about why Ford, Kandil stated that “Ford has been a great partner for us. We are actually quite amazed at how a company as big as Ford… is committed to bringing mobility to the next level and at how fast and agile they are. The vehicle itself is a masterpiece, it’s a top vehicle across the world. [Together] we are creating value proposition that is very strong for the Egyptian market, so we are super excited for this partnership.”


Bringing the Future of Mobility to Egypt: SWVL X Ford

“We are thrilled to bring Ford Transit to Egypt, debuting in such a prominent and important role through this partnership with SWVL,” said Achraf El Boustani, Managing Director of Ford North Africa. “The key to Ford Transit’s success as a mobility platform is its reputation for dependability, versatility and capability, and we’re confident that SWVL operators here will soon learn just why thousands of people around the world rely on the Ford Transit to get the job done.”

Ford and its local distributor, Auto Jameel, have worked with SWVL and the Egyptian government to provide the best value equation for the Transit buses that would join the on-demand bus service. SWVL captains not only will receive financing facilities through Nasser Social Bank and EFG Hermes Bank, but they will also have access to a series of after-sales support and maintenance services through Auto Jameel’s network and Ford-trained technicians.

According to a press released, “the Ford Transit – available in 15 and 18-seat configurations – has a proven track record with micro-transit solutions globally, and the first consignment has already arrived in Egypt, ready to take on the roads.”

The announcement followed a quick Q&A session where SWVL and Ford representatives spoke on their passion for evolving the transportation industry and mobility across the world.

“I don’t think we can change mobility without private and public partnerships… It’s everyone’s problem. If everyone sticks to their silos then no one can help reduce pollution [and] reduce congestion,” said Jonathan Schmitt, Strategy Manager for Ford Middle East & Africa, on stage.

“The Ford Smart Mobility plan supports our commitment to innovation, and is aimed specifically at developing smarter mobility services. We are excited that Ford Transit was selected by SWVL – and we know that our new operators will soon understand why thousands of owners around the world rely on the Transit,” Schmitt also stated on a press release.


SWVL Pushes Against Competitors

The MoU gives SWVL a definite advantage over the other bus-hailing apps that have been popping up lately; through their agreement, SWVL now has a new value proposition for the everyday commuter and perhaps will able to reach a new target segment.

As far as we can gather, the new price range for the more exclusive Ford vans, once in circulation, will either be 5EGP higher or an unknown percentage.

The announcement comes only a week ahead of another big piece of news for the company, we heard that the bus-hailing app will sign on as AFCON’s official transportation partner; another big partnership for the company as they expand and become more in demand.

We also spoke with Hazem Taher, SWVL’s Head Marketing Manager, who stated that SWVL currently has 100 Ford vans ready to go and they’re excited to push them on several routes. However, it seems like they might hold back on putting it on everyday routes until AFCON ends.

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