Superheroes in 57357 Children's Cancer Hospital

In a very creative move aim to bring positive vibes and joy to help children in fighting cancer in 57357 Children’s Cancer Hospital, Amr Samy and a group of creative young-men loving for good dressed in Superheroes fancy dress costumes

The surprise visit delighted the young patients at the hospital, which apply international-standard under charitable programs.

Amr Samy and his friends, Muhannad dressed as [Superman], Basil [Captain America], Mina [Green Giant] and Mohab [Iron Man] decided to donate time and efforts to bring happiness to children who used to be called by name and not a number or diagnosis.

Favorite moment comes when a couple of patients take a selfie with Superheroes:

Bringing cheer to sick kids will definitely ignite a Superhero spirit against caner.

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