Summer is coming and it’s the time to “Find Your True North”

In today’s fast-evolving and globalized world, it is easier than ever to get lost. In the golden times of exploration, the compass was used to keep people on the right path. It was used to push people into the right direction, helping them find their way down the path they wanted to go.

Today, Hassan Allam Properties (HAP) is using the iconic path-director as a way to encourage people to find their true North.

The real estate developer has been teasing something new on their billboards lately, using the slogan “Find your True North”.


HAP links finding your true north with peace and balance, as shown in the video above. Could they be teasing a new location?

The real estate developer has been forging its own path, recently rebranding itself earlier this year. “Finding your True North”. The North Coast maybe?

Establishing An Emotional Connection

Since their rebranding, HAP has established a stronger hold on their “True North” through various successful launches and more.

The compass could also be used as a symbol to point viewers to a specific location HAP wants them to think about by optimizing the communication message to develop new mindset experience.

A growing trend in marketing-focused graphic and content design is Sensory Design, which allows designers to create content that make viewers remember experiences such as the feel of sand through their fingers, or the sounds of waves crashing at the beach.

Although not an entirely new concept in the art world, graphic design and content creation fields have only recently started to create online content that uses elements to draw viewers into their own memories.

HAP explores sensory-evoking content with their new releases, aiming specifically to remind people of the beach, right in time for summer.


The brand’s new content can really bring back memories of sitting at the beach chilling while watching the sunset over the sea, even though it’s still one more month before summer vacation.

The slow-moving beads, the monochromatic rockscape, the zoomed in sea-like geode and the rainforest sound backdrop, can quickly bring viewers into the perfect beach moment and is a great example of a smart usage of neuromarketing with Sensory Design.

Brand Differentiation in a Congested Marketplace:

It seems that HAP just took the decision to deliver a memorable experience via the campaign visuals as the main communication revolves around creating emotional response.

The call to action associated with the campaign “Find Your True North” is meant to communicate instantly recognizable message that matches the brand values of delivering authentic lifestyle in the northern coast.

“The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.”  – Michael Porter

One more thing we should highlight is that HAP is not into the Ramadan ads race as if the brand took the decision to act confident enough to create its own plan that’s not a typical move of the Real Estate market.

This unique approach had proven to be very effective at adding differentiation to the brand presence during the holy month of Ramadan.

Other than sensory-evoking content, HAP’s OOH work returns to simpler and less commercial roots, aiming to focus on its consistent bohemian and blue themes that remind us of the sea and sky, teasing us for something new they have under their sleeves.

Do you think it should be the time for more Real Estate developers to re-visit the cliché taglines and over-used promises specially when it comes to the northern coast? Let us know in the comments.

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