Be The Next 007 You Want To Be With The Traveler Suit by Concrete

Talk about another Iconic campaign by fashion brand, Concrete, as they tackle a new iconic look; the James Bond Archetype.

What is the James Bond Archetype? A sophisticated renegade who always looks good in a suit during action sequences, a vibe that Concrete pulls off with their newest campaign for their brand-new mix and match Traveler Suit.

Shifting away from their classic monochromatic look from their rebranding in 2017 with “Iconic Men,” and their smooth flowing but graceful film style in 2018, The Traveler campaign is action-packed and ready to rumble, as is their new suit.

While the ad copies still maintain some of the smooth flowing film style, there is a visible edgier feeling to the cuts as well as to the music and shots. Although the James Bond Archetype is usually a bit older, this suit and campaign is also pushing the debonair gentleman style towards younger men with ambition, style and classy masculinity.

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Suits Made For Bond: The Traveler by Concrete Egypt

Concrete is clearly pulling out all the stops with their newest collection.

The brand’s fashion aesthetic has always been about looking posh and sleek, but their newest collection now includes functionality in various environments to that list.

The Traveler mix and match suit is all about being ready for anything, a motto that Bond would agree with; the suit is breathable, water resistant, anti-bacterial with a natural stretch for when you need to whip around for a quick side kick.

It is clear that the Traveler will be reinventing a lot of the stereotypes that come with wearing suits, while reinforcing its elegant and well-groomed nature. While suits are usually known as the uniform for meetings and high-end executives who get chauffeured everywhere, the Traveler Suit was created for the active man who seeks the thrill of closing deals and jet skiing.

The Traveler continues Concrete’s focus on creating iconic men through fashion and life choices. The Traveler also comes at a great time as millennials continue to climb higher and push harder into successful careers.

With the fact that millennials are known for breaking the mold, willing to get nitty-gritty and break barriers to meet their goals, the Traveler Suit arrives as a suit of armor for those with active lifestyles and budding young executives with bold ambitions.

The Traveler is the company’s 2nd campaign after their rebranding in 2017, and it boasts the same high-end quality and sophistication that the brand has become known for while introducing a new edgier tone for those with active lifestyles or aggressive business tactics.

The water resistant and anti-bacterial suit is now available in various Concrete stores according to the ad copies. Have you tried one? Let us know how it fits with your business lifestyle.

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